Tournament Ideas (in General)

Newlin [SeeD] August 15 2013 10:13 PM EDT

Xeno is a bit pressed for time at the moment, as some of you may know, he has however offered to run a tournament if we as a community can procure the idea for an entertaining and unique tournament.

I'd encourage all ideas, here is one to start:

Teams of 2, 4 classes to choose from each with their own starting item. There will be no rare items allowed and only lesser tattoos.

Archer - Ranged Weapon of choice
Mage - RoS
Warrior - Melee Weapon of choice
Summoner - Familiar of choice

The goal being for each pair to accumulate the most points between the two of them. These points are granted through achievements that are decided at the end of the tournament time. First in each category will get 5 points, second 3, and third 1.

A few examples of Achievements (others could be applicable mid tournament):

Most Won Battles
Highest NW
Highest MPR
Largest Tattoo

This could last 2-4 weeks and carry a 250% xp/money bonus or more.

More ideas, Go!

Viole August 15 2013 10:21 PM EDT

Set amount of BA with no regeneration and no bonus times.

Unappreciated Misnomer August 15 2013 10:48 PM EDT

Im still locked into the idead I have where no exp was given and only an initial experience pool was give to achieve maximum score. but I will settle either way for something fun to play.

Newlin [SeeD] August 16 2013 8:27 AM EDT

So it would be a 0% bonus with a set starting amount of exp of a few million for example? Would this be a single minion only or would the exp be split among however many minions you want?

Unappreciated Misnomer August 16 2013 1:46 PM EDT

I guess more input is required but I'd like to know if anyone else likes it. If it's possible to have the system dish that out to one or equally to all miniobs. I would see it at the beginning as trouble and require some admin control to basically set up the team for the player.

I just like the idea where at some point you don't grow mpr but score is the goal.

Newlin [SeeD] August 16 2013 1:57 PM EDT

T71 was similiar - starting exp of 200m on a single minion that lasted 2 days at 100% bonus, with MPR being the goal.

Score is fairly easily manipulated but simple tourneys are a nice reprieve from the complexity the game holds. That said I like the more complex and team oriented tournaments myself without a single goal of who is the biggest.

Personally I'd be fine with any tournament idea as long as we get one.

Tyrker [Black Watch] August 16 2013 4:14 PM EDT

I like viole's idea :) . Gives a chance to players who can't be burning BA all the time given for whatever reason.

Newlin [SeeD] August 16 2013 4:36 PM EDT

Just as a simple largest character tournament?

I agree a static pool of BA would attract players who aren't on consistently.

Xenogard [Chaotic Serenity] August 17 2013 1:22 PM EDT


Xenogard [Chaotic Serenity] August 17 2013 1:49 PM EDT

I'm going to use that reward system in a future tourney, I've been meaning to do something like that, but keeping track of it is a pain especially considering I want to add Stats into the achievements as well (each category except for nil ones like battles as challenger and armor proficiency)

Newlin [SeeD] August 17 2013 4:11 PM EDT

I'm sure there are members who would be willing to keep track ;)
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