Jobs for Mobile/Software Engineers! (in Off-topic)

QBPixel Sage August 29 2013 7:05 PM EDT

Hi people. Anyone interested in mobile/software engineering positions at Disney. Making iPhone games, web games, and the like. We're hiring!

Xenogard [Chaotic Serenity] August 29 2013 8:22 PM EDT

Kinda wish I did now, IBM sucks for sure. Out of sheer curiosity, how decent of a company would you say they are to work for? (In that field to be specific.)

QBPixel Sage August 29 2013 8:29 PM EDT

They treat us very well, and I like the people I work with and the projects I work on. Since it's a gaming sector of Disney, the environment is pretty fast-paced, and we work hard to keep up. As far as perks go, they treat us pretty well. I almost never have to cook since they provide us food at work, which I enjoy right before ping-pong in the game room =]

Dudster4 August 29 2013 8:37 PM EDT

I wish I was clever because I would say it's probably something like a fairytale to work there, or something to that effect.

QBPixel Sage August 29 2013 8:57 PM EDT

*hits imaginary like button by Dudster's comment*

[Unrivaled]Twist Of Fate [SeeD] August 30 2013 2:18 PM EDT

Lmao @ both of you.

If i had the know how and was willing to move i would probably really enjoy the work. But, alas, on a daily basis i move between 10,000 - 30,000 lbs of wood and metal...

The best part is i'm now 29, in the best shape i've ever been in and still only weigh 160lbs, and stand 5'7". I'm small, always have been, just have that napolean thing going for me i guess :)

AdminG Beee August 30 2013 7:52 PM EDT

Bit of a Mickey Mouse company for sure...

AdminQBVerifex [Serenity In Chaos] September 2 2013 12:05 PM EDT

Sounds like a sweet gig man Pixel, but I really dig working with my wife in the same company. :)
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