Curious (in General)

QBOddBird September 11 2014 3:01 PM EDT

So what's the NUB percentage look like nowadays?

Eliteofdelete [Battle Royale] September 11 2014 3:12 PM EDT

Start an NCB and let us know.

DoS September 11 2014 3:34 PM EDT

I created an NCB 2 weeks ago and it has a 879% bonus.

Eliteofdelete [Battle Royale] September 11 2014 3:47 PM EDT

Makes me want to start an NCB :(

{CB1}Bio September 11 2014 4:19 PM EDT

Is the NCB and NUB the same?

Optimus(Prime) September 11 2014 4:26 PM EDT

Not even close, lol. They get that much of a money boost and free ba all 6 months.

DoS September 11 2014 5:26 PM EDT

NCB pales in comparison :x

Eliteofdelete [Battle Royale] September 11 2014 7:19 PM EDT

The exp bonus is the same. NUB just gets added benefits.

AdminTal Destra September 12 2014 9:22 AM EDT

New User Bonus is infinitely better than the New Character Bonus because on top of the outrageous exp you also get outrageous money and free BA, whereas right now my BA is $6,533 apiece.

DoS September 12 2014 2:41 PM EDT

Wow, and you're only at 700k MPR. That's insanely expensive.

Eliteofdelete [Battle Royale] September 12 2014 3:55 PM EDT

The BA isn't "free". It is taken out of their money bonus so in reality they can actually get less money than a vet running a NCB if they play it wrong.

I wouldn't be surprised if I could run an NCB better than the avg NUB due to my experience/items. And by better I mean more MPR and CBD gained throughout the run.

{CB1}Bio September 12 2014 9:10 PM EDT

Elite we know you could do more than anyone else :)

QBOddBird September 12 2014 10:22 PM EDT

Wow. 6.5k/BA sounds prohibitively expensive.

Optimus(Prime) September 12 2014 11:55 PM EDT

Yeah, I'm at 8.9k per ba.

Newlin [SeeD] September 13 2014 2:31 AM EDT

Makes me want to start an NCB :(

Do it! Do it! Do it!

I wouldn't mind doing a NCB myself except I lack the time to be online every 5 hours for the early weeks.

Untouchable September 14 2014 3:38 AM EDT

You guys ever get the feeling some new users are veteran players who just want the NCB.
I mean they're here for like a week and they have a good strat AND good items that make a perfect strategy

Untouchable September 14 2014 3:38 AM EDT

i mean NUB*

horseguy001 [Blender 2021] September 14 2014 6:56 AM EDT

I moved to a new address and could have gotten away with doing that...but then I realized it didn't matter to me all that much so I just started a NCB with this one instead. I did consider it to be honest though :)

Eliteofdelete [Battle Royale] September 14 2014 7:47 AM EDT

@Newlin: I can't because I'd loose too much tattoo growth :(

@Untouchable: I have in the past but then I realized it probably doesn't happen and if it does, it doesn't matter. There hasn't been any notable NUBs in a long while.

The Old Gods September 14 2014 11:32 AM EDT

makes me a lil mad that i pissed away my NUB but hey community isnt as thriving as it was so it doesn't really matter

DoS September 15 2014 4:48 PM EDT

I feel like cracking 65% of immortal's mpr wouldn't be too difficult with that kind of bonus.. but really the most important reason for me to run an NCB would be for tattoo growth and not for mpr. My 9.3mil tattoo just isn't cuttin' it anymore. Even better, 9.3mil MTL is only 3.6mil mpr.

{CB1}Bio September 15 2014 4:59 PM EDT

@dos - the only disadvantage is that it wouldnt grow a bit until you reached that limit. IF I were to do it again (which isnt nearly as big of a deal as you :) ) I would start with a base tattoo and use it until my main tattoo equalled my max tattoo. I would then sell my starting tattoo and then switch back to my main one.

horseguy001 [Blender 2021] September 15 2014 5:04 PM EDT


I have made almost 10 mil since August 3rd doing just that. The growth up until 800k mpr is amazing but then that ugly (and seemingly endless) score dead zone just encourages me to start over from scratch.

After this one I will probably do a real NCB run, since I still have some OK gear left over from Black Mesa.

DoS September 15 2014 5:07 PM EDT

Mmm, that sounds like a good amount of money :) probably a better idea.

DoS September 15 2014 5:14 PM EDT

Store 1600 BA
Spend all during exp time while building up a base tat
Sell tattoo
Rinse & repeat?

{CB1}Bio September 15 2014 6:06 PM EDT


Eliteofdelete [Battle Royale] September 15 2014 6:49 PM EDT

Actually, it would be better to keep playing the character as EXP gains go up with MPR.
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