An Ode to CB (in General)

[MP]MoneyPig [SNB Forging Services] February 13 1:51 PM EST

From time to time I look into CB again. I just has a strange attraction to me. I don't even play or spend any BA on my visits. I just come and look around in the ancient ruins of this formerly so precious game that's now abandoned, but strangely still alive as if all the people had just left a minute ago.

CB has been a part of my youth. I still remember those days (and nights) that I spent organizing my schedule as not to miss any BA. Back in the days when smartphones just came up and us young people who couldn't afford one cried that it was unfair when others could just play from their phones while they were out of their homes.

I remember that stupid dwarf throwing my forged stuff into the water because I had overheated it. I remember the endless discussions I had about character strategy with other players.

It's so strange that all this is gone. But what's stranger is that this place still pops up into my mind from time to time. There must have been something very special in the good ol' days of CB. And I know what it is: it was community. I belonged to the tribe over here. I felt welcome. CB was a home for me.

I'm writing these lines and I really don't know why. It's been over 10 years I think.. I'm 27 years old now... and I played this game while I was still in middle school.. on the first computer I owned.

Maybe this is a goodbye. Maybe this ain't. It flew out of my mind.. and I'm sending it into the void. Into that strange void that's created by a game that hasn't changed for 10 years.. that's been abandoned, but that's still running.. just like this old technology in dystopian worlds.. still functioning although there's no one left alive around.

Live well CB! Live on as a totem! Be sure that when one day I check and it shows me 404 Page Not Found.. I'll certainly cry. Because one part of my life will then be gone.. for good. Good Bye!

Blunder [Superheros] February 13 7:58 PM EST

Describes my sentiments as well. Game’s not 100% dead yet! There are still so many strategies I wanna pull off!

Achertontus [Sneezels] February 15 12:30 PM EST

Same here, every few days a week, see the forum, burn 10 or so BA and that's it. Cant seem to let go. You know you'll keep coming back, and we will be here ;)

AdminQBVerifex [Serenity In Chaos] February 15 5:23 PM EST

I remember you MoneyPig. Nice to see you still around. :)

Wasp February 17 3:10 PM EST

It pretty much sums me up as well. I used to play back in school. That must have been 16/17 years ago? I'm still suprised that nothing was done to get this game on a mobile phone. Would have been pretty cool somehow. Especially if store camping still existed. Nothing ever beat that rush of seeing something expensive :D

Hyrule Castle February 26 11:42 PM EST

Oh jeez, i remember most of the names up there. I never talked much and was never one of the top people. I remember briefly running some loans that i made, and was super proud that 15 year old me was able to make some "webpages" using basic HTML on here.

I too miss the good old days of playing this , coming home from school and burning all the BA. Sneaking into a computer lab to make sure i didn't waste much.
Hording the CB$ in hopes that i could sell it for some good USD (15 year old me knew how to party)

It'll be sad when it's gone for good.
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