Lots of Cash Nothing to Buy (in Off-topic)

IIKlutzyKatII [KlawedBellows] April 1 2022 2:07 AM EDT

So as the title says I have a lot of CBD and nothing really to spend it on, as I don't really care to make characters, just prefer to forge. However, I don't wish to undermine any new forgers so I'm trying to keep prices about what it should be, but this means I have a bit laying around. So I'd like to get ideas for contests to give either cash or some of my non forgeable items away. I don't want to just do some basic trivia items as anything personal would automatically disqualify my son and hubby who both play, and anything abstract could most likely just be googled. Thus I need ideas as to what a contest could be please. And good news and just to motivate you I'll be giving prizes to any ideas I choose to use later on. Tata!

DestraPool [Porthcawl] April 1 2022 1:02 PM EDT

just make a big spinning wheel. people who want their name on it have to put it down in your contest. spin the wheel, land on name, give prizes

Gohan2 [Porthcawl] April 1 2022 10:19 PM EDT

I did one recently about finding something within the CB website. Start with it being extremely vague and moving towards specifics. That style is always fun from my point of view.

IIKlutzyKatII [KlawedBellows] April 2 2022 12:17 AM EDT

IIKlutzyKatII (Forge Monster) Gohan2 (Gohan The Noob) $150000 -- Prize for Idea 12:15 AM EDT

Definitely like that one but it'll take time to find something that will work for me and all the clues to find it.. But it's on my list!

DestraPool [Porthcawl] April 3 2022 6:09 PM EDT

set up targets on the hill with peoples names on them and shoot, the ones you hit get prizes...

IIKlutzyKatII [KlawedBellows] April 7 2022 12:32 AM EDT

You just want to shoot your gun, and you can so, sorry, but try harder if you want a prize lol!

Zenai [Cult of the Valaraukar] April 9 2022 2:55 AM EDT

Pick a number between 1-100, let people post once. Whoever is closest within a set time wins ;-)

IIKlutzyKatII [KlawedBellows] April 11 2022 1:19 AM EDT

IKlutzyKatII (Forge Monster) Zenai (The Immortals) $150000 -- Idea Prize 1:18 AM EDT

Sorry took a minute been having trouble finding time to get on!

Zenai [Cult of the Valaraukar] April 11 2022 3:25 AM EDT

No worries! I hope the idea helped ;-)
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