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  • Initial training cost: 84 exp.
  • Increases CTH on bow weapons, not crossbows or slings.
  • Should be trained to 1/5th of the Minion's strength (including Giant Strength). Beyond this is wasted.
  • Archery has reduced effect when its level is less than 1/5 of ST.
  • The Archery effect ranges from 0.0 to 1.0

All bows will fire in all five ranged rounds. However, without Archery trained, bows receive a significant penalty to their base chance to hit (CTH) -- 80% penalty, or a total of 20% CTH. This CTH is where you start before calculating effects from dexterity or plus to hit (PTH). With an Archery trained up to an effect of 1.00, you can minimize this penalty and maximize your base CTH. For all bows other than the Elven Long Bow (ELB) and Mageseeker (MsK), this will maximize at 90% CTH (10% penalty) at an Archery of 1.00. The ELB is the only bow that can achieve a full 100% CTH (no penalty) with full Archery trained, the Mageseeker achieving 99% CTH. The CTH is interpolated linearly when Archery is somewhere between 0.00 and 1.00:

   (Archery * 0.8) + 0.2.

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