1. Autobid
  2. Avoiding Central Bank

This is where you usually want to go for rare items. Rares will only spawn here, not in the stores. It's the most efficient and cheapest way to buy and sell merchandise between players. For most items, the auction listing fee is substantially less than the transfer fee would be, and bidders pay no transfer fees on the bid.

The auction system is also 'scam-proof': The winning bid is held by the system until a higher bid is placed or the auction is ends. When you're outbid, your bid is returned to you instantly. The player selling an item retains the item until the auction ends (except for ammo) but cannot transfer the item to another user. Items and bids are automatically transfered to the appropriate character once the auction ends.

Also, items that get enough votes in the Black Market spawn here.


The autobid feature allows you to only bid the minimum bid, unless someone outbids you. This means that you can place your bid, at the maximum amount you are willing to pay for it and not have to be present at the end of the auction to get the best deal.

Avoiding Central Bank

You may read about Central Bank under Economy. In order to be sure to keep central bank from sniping your auction, you must place a bid one increment over the minumum, this can be done by bidding the minimum, refreshing the page, and bidding again.

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