CB T-Shirts

  1. Forging Information
  2. Strategy and Comments
  3. Fun Facts
  4. NW Values by Enchantment Level

=Basic Information and Statistics==

Forging Information

  • Cannot be forged

Strategy and Comments

  • Special: Does not spawn, supporter item only, not upgradeable/sellable/rentable/auctionable
  • Tunics can fit over tattoos and under body armor

Fun Facts

  • CB1 had a T-shirt body armor introduced in 2003, given to players who ordered a real CB T-shirt.
  • The digital 2003 CB T-Shirt was upgradeable and came with a 1% bonus to magical attacks. The digital T-shirts could also be rented by other users. Fuhgawz at one time owned 22+ 2003 Virtual CB T-Shirts.
  • In addition to receiving the virtual 2003 CB T-shirt 31 players had their character named inprinted on the back of the real 2003 CB T-shirt. Those characters were Dr Death, Bela L, Rampage, RiZarJay, dnnx, Experiment L, Gran Jin, Extreme Newbie, SNK3R, darkpixie, snugglebunny, Hurin, Guido, BadAsh, the pope, ha3rvey, InSaNiE, velo the raptor, The Saint, ruin, Fuhgawz, Victim, Kerrick, Duct Tape Avenger, El Cid, RedDwarf, Punch Rockgroin, Grant, expostfacto, bLaCkaXiuM, Haldir
  • CB T-Shirts sent to players since 2007 are accompanied by the system chatmail: "Enjoy your commemorative 20xx CB T-shirt!"
  • On January 16th 2010
  • Initially there were 288 CB T-shirts of 2007. They were introduced on the 19th of January 2008, just before the Facebook integration with CB became live, following a discussion thread about possible "I was here before FB" supporter items.
  • Initially there were 819 CB T-shirts of 2008. Introduced on January 30th 2009.
  • Initially there were 657 CB T-shirts of 2009. Introduced on January 16th 2010.

NW Values by Enchantment Level

   +0  = $1000
  • Non upgradeable

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