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PR weight is an indicator of how much your PR will increase with networth when an item is equipped. This factor influences how much the armor's NW affects your PR. Increasing the NW of any piece of armor will increase the PR of the character more depending on how high the PR weight of that item is. A PR weight of N now means that for every plus of enchantment on the item, your PR will increase by N% of the xp on the minion equipping it.

How It Happens

PR weight only applies to armor. However, small characters DO suffer large PR increases from equipped weapons' net worth, which is possibly why so many new characters use Direct Damage spells instead. Characters who are old enough to be grown out of their bonuses usually don't suffer an increase in PR from their weapon's Net Worth unless the weapon in question is grossly out of proportion to the size of their character.

Strategy Tips

The importance of PR weight is that increased PR makes battle rewards less against an opponent with the same score. Therefore, it is a good idea to avoid getting huge armor that increases your PR past about 2/3 of the scores of your main opponents.

I would just like to point out that the above is only true if you are not getting 100% Challenge Bonus. If you are getting 100% Challenge Bonus, then it is beneficial to increase your PR as high as you can. However, if you are receiving less than 100% CB, then you should do what the above suggested and decrease your PR.

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