Character Management

  1. Retiring Characters
  2. Unretiring Characters
  3. Item Transfers
  4. Character Transfers

The order for this section is from the top to the bottom of the left sidebar, then the top to the bottom of the main frame.

Retiring Characters

You should think long and hard before retiring a character.

Under "Manage Characters" in the left-hand frame ([1]) there is the option to retire characters. You may want to retire characters for the following reasons:

  • So that they do not count towards your maximum character limit.
  • You want a faster BA regen rate (or cheaper BA purchase price), so you axe your most powerful character.

Retiring characters is something that should be approached with delicacy and foresight and not done lightly.

Unretiring Characters

After you have retired characters, frequently you will want to unretire them. From the period 4 to 9 days after a character has been retired you will have the "Unretire Character" checkbox next to the character in the Manage Characters page.

If you can't wait that long, or if the 9 days have passed, you can always get an admin to unretire a character for you. There is no upper limit on this method for unretiring characters. However, the admin will charge you $50,000 as a nuisance fee for this. As always, it is useful to be suitably humble and/or contrite when approaching admins for services.

Item Transfers

Only unequipped items may be transferred.

Transferring items between your own characters is free. (Unless you're a multi, and then you have bigger problems.) When transferring items to yourself, it's generally best to select one of your characters from the drop-down menu to avoid typing mistakes.

Otherwise, transfers have a cost related to the amount of money sent or item's net worth. For Everyone right now it is 1%. Economic clans have reduced transfer fees among fellow members.

Character Transfers

A character may be transferred to another player if:

   The character has no active auction bids,
   The character has no items rented or loaned out,
   Or the character is not in a clan.

The transfer fees for a character are: $100,000 + 4/3 * MPR + transfer fees for all items/cash on it.

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