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Clan Admin

The biggest concern of any clan is getting a Clan Bonus, the task of the Clan Admin, or Owner, is to attract active players to their clan. Of course spamming the chat trying to get new members is not an option.

Admin Power

With admin powers you can manage your Clans membership policy to;

  • Open (This means that anyone can join instantly.)
  • Moderated (This means that players have to apply first and you then make a decision if you want them in your clan or not.)
  • Closed (This means that no one is able to join.)

Maximum PR, MPR, VPR (which is it?)

On the clan admin page you will see this line:

  • The max Power you can accept is 100,000,000. This number is not calculated linearly; reasoning that if you accept a Character of 100k you will have 100,000,000 - 100,000 = 99,900,000 left over is incorrect. All this number tells you is the maximum PR you can accept on a single Character. Asterisked users would put your Clan over its membership limit.

The clan limit is actually based on Virtual Power (VPR) and not PR. It's based off the top 4 VPR in the game. Un-equipping items from the characters in the clan to try and make the PR limit larger will not work. The same goes for un-equipping items on a character to try to fit into the clan.

Helpful Links

Read for more information.

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