1. Fighting Clans
  2. Clan Rituals
  3. Economic Clans
  4. Starting a Clan
  5. Joining a Clan
  6. Switching between Clans
  7. PR Limit
  8. Extra Clan Fighting Tips

Clans are groups of players banded together either for fighting or for trading. A player can be in only one clan at a time, and can enroll some or all of his characters in the clan.

Fighting Clans

Fighting clans gain points for winning battles. The more battles they win, the more "clan points" (CP) they receive. Clan points determine the clans ranking. The top 25% of fighting clans get a bonus to rewards per fight. The reward bonus for the top clan is 15%. The reward for other clans receiving the bonus is less than this number.

Only fights during the last 24 hours count towards clan points. Note that on Sunday (4 AM Sunday - 4 AM Monday server time) there are no bonuses or clan points earned. Bonuses are adjusted hourly, so even if you go crazy and rack up 3,000 clan points in an hour, the bonus for you and your clan won't increase until the start of the next hour.

Winning a fight can give up to 6 clan points, as follows [1]:

  • 2 CP for defeating a non-clan character.
  • 4 CP for defeating a clan character from a clan not earning bonus.
  • 6 CP for defeating a clan character from one of the clans earning bonus.
  • 7 CP for defeating a clan character while in a clan following the God Tulkas with the Heroic Nature Ritual activated.
  • 8 CP for defeating a clan character while in a clan following the God Varda with the Insight Ritual activated.

Additionally if you are in a clan being beaten by a member of another clan; that clan takes points from you, as follows:

  • -2 CP if you are in a clan not earning bonus
  • -4 CP if you are in a clan earning bonus
  • -6 CP if you are in a clan earning bonus and attacked by a clan following the God Mandos with the Judgement Ritual activated.

Draws and stalemates against clan members give no clan points.

Clans with a net weekly negative score of -2000 are disbanded.

  • Net score: the points all members of the clan scored in the past 24h, minus all points taken away by other clans in that same 24h period.
  • Score: The net score, but corrected for how powerful a clan is. If the total PR in a clan is exactly as is allowed, then score equals net score. If the clan isn't completely full, then Score is higher (but capped at about 110% of net score). If the clan is over the PR limit, then the Score is lower than the net score (no cap here).

Clan rank is determined by the score.

Clan Rituals

Clan rituals can be seen here. [2]

   |  God   | Ritual               | CP Cost | Duration | Description

   | Mandos | Unworthy             | 1500 CP | 06:00:00 | Cancels opponents rituals
   | Mandos | Magical Dead Zone    | 1000 CP | 06:00:00 | Reduce the effectiveness of enemy spells by 10%
   | Mandos | Judgement            | 1000 CP | 06:00:00 | Clan characters you Defeat in battle lose an additional 2 clan points.
   | Ulmo   | Leviathan Scales     |  100 CP | 24:00:00 | 5 AC bonus to all minions
   | Ulmo   | Solitude of the Seas |  500 CP | 06:00:00 | You lose 2 less clan points for every battle lost during this time.
   | Ulmo   | Tempest              | 1000 CP | 06:00:00 | Clan characters that attack you gain 2 less clan points from their victories.
   | Tulkas | Strength of Tulkas   | 1000 CP | 06:00:00 | 10% bonus to HP/STR/DEX
   | Tulkas | Heroic Nature        | 1250 CP | 06:00:00 | Per Win: Gain 1 additional CP/Opponent loses 1 additional CP. Per Loss: 1 less CP every time you are attacked.
   | Varda  | Blessed              | 1000 CP | 06:00:00 | 10% bonus to DD/EO/ED spells
   | Varda  | Insight              | 1000 CP | 06:00:00 | Each battle you fight(and Win?) gains 2 additional clan points.
   | None   | Clan Seer            |  600 CP | 06:00:00 | 5% bonus to DD/EO/ED spells
   | None   | Rough and Ready      |  600 CP | 06:00:00 | 5% bonus to HP/STR/DEX

When fighting a clan with a ritual active, you will see the the party benefiting from an outside force.

Economic Clans

Economic clan members get reduced transfer fees. Loans to members of the same clan get a 90% discount to transfer fees; permanent transfers to members of the same clan get a 50% discount, and all other transfers get a 20% discount. These discounts only apply after you've been in an economic clan for at least one week.

Economic clan members also get a bonus to forging efficiency depending on the amount forged in 24 hours, just like standard clans. This bonus is removed during the same time as the Standard Clan bonuses are removed.

Economic clan members are also charged only 15% of the upgrade cost when forging, versus the normal 20%.

Economic clans are ranked both by revenue generated and by net worth forged. This is determined by the amounts of cash transferred to Economic Clan members and the amount forged, respectively.

Starting a Clan

Any user can start their own clan. Although you can only do so if you are not already in a clan. The cost to start your own clan is $MPR / 10. All you have to do is click 'Clans/Create', then enter the name of your new clan. Choose your name carefully because you will not be able to change it once your clan is created. After that, you too can have your own clan of followers in the CB world... if you can find them. After creating a clan you are the Owner and Clan Admin of the clan.

Joining a Clan

To join a clan, take a look at their membership policy first.

  • open - you may join immediately, as long as you are within an allowed MPR limit and there are less than 12 characters in it
  • moderated - same as above but the clan leader has to approve you first
  • closed - you may not join unless the policy is going to be changed

You get a notice when you are over the limit or the clan leader accept or rejects your join request.

Joining a clan costs 10% of your MPR in money plus 100K CBD.

Switching between Clans

Switching between clans means you quit one clan and try to join another clan. It is possible to join another clan straight after you quit an old one. Before there was a "cool down" period of 24 hours before you could attempt to join another clan, however this has changed. In this 24 hour period it was not possible to create a clan be it an economic clan or a standard clan, however, since things seem to have changed this may be different as well. This has not been yet confirmed to still be true, but should be something taken into account when leaving/creating a clan.

PR Limit

There is a limit to prevent too many strong characters join a clan. The limit is calculated with an unknown formula and based on the games top 5 player stats. The limit can only be seen by the clan leader. It is just calculated for one player. That means, if you can accept a character of up to 3,000,000 PR, that does "not" equal 2 players with 1,500,000 PR. So if you let the first character in, the next one has to have a much lower PR. Additionally the limit decreases when the clans characters grow.

Extra Clan Fighting Tips

help to flesh this out! for information.

Clan Fighting Tips

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