Clan Fighting Tips

  1. Hardcore
  2. NCB
  3. Swapping out
  4. Casual or Solo

Need some help keeping your clan score up? Here are some tips to help you if you are new to clans understand what is expected and how to go about maximizing clan fighting.


What is usually expected of members in a clan.

  • Fight only other clanners when at all possible
  • Use all of your natural ba regen per day
  • Buy all available ba per day
  • Avoid getting farmed while fighting whenever possible
  • Make sure the people on your list are not in your clan
  • Supportership is highly recommended for access to the favorites list.


If you are running an ncb, then some of these things may be difficult while getting a challenge bonus; however, you should still be using all of your natural ba regen each day. You may prefer to maximize growth through challenge bonus and hope for better days ahead. However, remember that each clan character gives a 5% increase to base rewards.

Swapping out

If you start falling into the negatives, one common practice is to swap out of the clan for a day in order to get other clan people to delete you from their fight list. However, eventually they are going to notice that they can farm you again, so this is only a temporary solution. This is also helpful to do when going on vacations and such. Also, be sure that there is space to return your main character to the clan.

Casual or Solo

If you cannot regularly do the things above, then perhaps a casual clan or solo clan would be better for you. Since if you can't keep up with the hardcore tips, some clans are likely to kick you out, so you may want to start a clan that is less serious about getting a top bonus.

As a solo clan you should be able to keep a relatively high bonus regardless, especially since you will have a bonus to clan points since your total PR is lower. You won't have to worry about being kicked out of your clan at all, but you will never be a top clan. Downsides: you might get lonely =).

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