Differences from CB1

  1. Auctions
  2. Interface
  3. Store
  4. Training Page
  5. Tattoos/Runes
  6. Forging
  7. Blacksmith
  8. Chatmail
  9. Clans
  10. Progress Graphs
  11. Wiki
  12. Manage Chars
  13. Bank
  14. Bonus Equipment
  15. Enchant Offense
  16. Enchant Defense
  17. Direct Damage
  18. Weapons
  19. Skills
  20. Naming Items
  21. Supporter Items
  22. Themes
  23. Favorites List
  24. Fight
  25. BA Refresh


CB1: Basic auction.

CB2: Rares spawn in auctions, CB autobids on auctions if the price is below market value.


CB1: Frames, 2 panes, chat, and everything else

CB2: Frames, 3 panes, chat, sidebar of tools, fight and results.


CB1: Rares spawn in stores. Exploit: farm rares.

CB2: Only basic gear spawns in stores. Rares spawn in auctions. No BA cost for visiting stores.

Training Page

CB2: Added "Train by Level" and "Train by Exp" options, Training Sets can also be saved. Fixed cost per statistic level.


CB2: Allow specific minion enhancements and more complex character building.


CB2: Added wiki link guide and econ clan bonus, but otherwise the same.


CB2: Slightly increased costs. Fixed cost upgrades for Weapon 'x' enhancements.


CB2: Changed interface on home page. Chatmails are delivered with linebreaks where appropriate.


CB2: Added economic clans that get forge and item transfer bonuses. Standard clans unchanged.

Progress Graphs

CB2: Allow you to see how fast you grow and compare yourself with other players.


CB2: Added to allow all players to document the game, among other things.

Manage Chars

CB2: Added more stats about chars.


CB1: Basic bank. 60k max, 100k supporter.

CB2: Removed.

Bonus Equipment

CB1: EG,Corn,HoI,CB-T,CoI, TsA, HG, Tulkas, BoM, EC, SC, EB, EG gave fixed %

CB2: Many armor pieces save a rare few give variable % linked to +

Enchant Offense

CB1: EC, AMF, CF (reduced attack str)

CB2: EC: reduce DX/ST // AMF: reduces DD // DM: reduces ED

Enchant Defense

CB1: Protection added AC

CB2: No more Protection, instead Steel Skin boosts armor effectiveness.

Direct Damage

CB1: FB, CoC, MM, Decay

CB2: Shocking Grasp added, remaining spells implemented differently: FB now backfires and CoC has better damage. Damage progression for MM, FB, and CoC is now nonlinear, approximately doubling in effectiveness per point trained by 100k power (vs. base spell). Decay is unchanged.


CB1: Many different ranged and melee weapons.

CB2: New melee weapons added, now classified as edged, short, long, hammer-type and hafted, with various armors affecting each group differently. Ammo removed completely.


CB1: Archery, Evasion, UC, BL

CB2: Armor Proficiency and Phantom Link added, archery, evasion and BL implemented differently: Archery doesn't give extra dmg, bloodlust does not cause the minion training it to take more damage, and Evasion does not stack with items in the same way.

Naming Items

CB1: Lasts forever.

CB2: Lasts 1-2 years.

Supporter Items

CB1: GoP, SoD, IA (axed), CoT, TsA, HoF, DB, HoI, CoBF.

CB2: See Supportership.


CB1: Many.

CB2: CSS compatible theme engine, only one theme available.

Favorites List

CB2: Added helper pages to add and remove specific classes of people to favorites list (e.g. people recently defeated). Fightlist automatically advances to next available target.


CB1: 20 rounds

CB2: 50 rounds, many new formulas, order changed for AC.

BA Refresh

CB1: Every 10 minutes.

CB2: Every 20 minutes.

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