This is a page dedicated to our beloved Dolphin (aka Xanas). I will let Bast take it from here, feel free to edit this page as you all see fit. RIP Dolphin, may you enjoy all the fish.

QBBast Hidden Agenda May 9 12:38 AM EDT Dear 'Blenderians,

My apologies for the abrupt and public nature of this news, but in the spirit of our community .... Some of us have recently heard from a cousin of long-time CB member Dolphin. Sadly, Dolphin suffered a fatal heart attack in November.

Marta remembered that Dolphin was a beloved member of our little tribe and has asked to know more about his time & involvement here.

While many of you will remember him for Xanas, some of us recall him as a wonderful clanmate and friend. While he had not stopped in for quite some time, Dolphin was a grizzled veteran from CB1 and was with us for years.

Please pass this news along to the wayward 'Blenderians with whom you remain in contact, inviting them to post as well.

Thank you, Bast

My favorite Dolphin post:

My real name is Cesar

I'm 1,82m (it's 5 foot) I use , instead . , meters instead of foot, kmph instead mph... I'm from Europe... I'm from Spain... I'm form the North of Spain, from Asturias I'm from the same place that Fernando Alonso, F1 champion. I'm from the same country where GentlemanLoser is going at the end of the week, Majorca, in spanish it's Mallorca Bast convince me to do this :-) I'm 35 years old I'm single I like surf (You can see me in my profile) I like basketball I'm an engineer in electronics and automation I'm working in an engineer office I'm also a computer teacher at University I'm working on my PhD Thesis (I should work more on it) I work on online quality systems, online measurements systems, etc. I read all this post :-D I'm shy :-)

Angel of Death Hell Blenders May 9 4:39 AM EDT sad to hear that, was a good friend in cb he will be missed

50 Shades of Gunmetal Red Permanent Assurance May 9 5:05 AM EDT The infamous Xanas.. You're welcome to all the fish.

Demigod May 9 7:25 AM EDT :( Thanks for letting us know.

Atomicboy The Knighthood May 9 11:04 AM EDT wow that some sad news. RIP Xanas

Viole Battle Royale May 9 1:56 PM EDT Is his username supposed to be a DNA reference? My condolences to all those affected by his passing.

AdminQBGentlemanLoser {END} May 9 3:30 PM EDT Our thoughts are with Dolphins family at this sad time.

QBJohnnywas May 12 7:55 AM EDT Oh no. That's sad. He was a lovely guy. There were only a few of us who would be logged in morning times on the European side of things and Dolphin was one of us.

*raises a glass in memory*

AdminG Beee May 12 12:50 PM EDT That's really sad news, I liked the guy. Too young...

Xenogard Chaotic Serenity May 12 1:44 PM EDT Quite a shame, never met the guy but I've met Xanas in combat quite a few times. Sad to hear that :(

AdminNightStrike Hell Blenders May 17 4:17 PM EDT I received a chat mail from Marta about this on May 7th. It did not include many details, but I was in China at the time and couldn't do much. Thanks for taking the lead, Bast.

Would anyone like to volunteer to make a wiki page for him?

mbu May 21 4:35 PM EDT Hi,

I am the Dolphin's cousin. I only want to thank you for your writings.

I love your favorite post, Bast. Thank you.

I am very pleased knowing that he was loved here too.

Thank you kindly,


QBOddBird May 22 7:38 AM EDT I'm sorry to hear this....I truly am. :(

White Trash Pineapple May 22 6:29 PM EDT Oh man, I miss Xanas... my condolences to those that personally knew him and his family.

Such sad news to log into

AdminNightStrike Hell Blenders May 22 8:01 PM EDT Marta, in case it's not clear, Xanas is the name of one of the characters that Dolphin played on here.

AdminQBVerifex Serenity In Chaos May 23 3:02 AM EDT That's really sad, and it scares me to think that I'm also 35. :( I don't know him very well but I would send his family condolences.

Seran Hidden Agenda May 25 10:23 PM EDT The good die young...maybe far too young.

I'll be keeping Dolphin's family in my prayers.

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