Enchanter/Familiar Strategy by Godwolf

This is a current a favorite strategy among a good few players and NCBs because it's cheap, simple and brutally effective. It stays single minion, allowing for later development with hiring minions and fast early growth. It also offers tons of variation and adaptability as strategies come and go (Ranged damage gets weaker? Switch to a melee familiar and off you go) The equipment needed is minimum and allows you to save up for after your NUB/NCB


The "E" stands for enchanter and represents the sole minion in your strategy. This minion always trains Ablative Shield (AS) as it's dominant stat. It also equips the Amulet of Junction (+10) to get the maximum effect (1.00).

The "F" stands for familiar. The types of familiars currently available are Fire, Ice, Electric, Magic, Halidon and The Jigorokano (jiggy). The choice of familiar in the strategy will reflect the goal of your strategy.

Now, we'll address each familiar and it's possible benefits in this strategy and possible negatives.

Fire Familiar (FF)- This familiar is quite good at quickly killing one or two minion teams. It's the hardest hitting ranged spell and lets you fight up quite high (assuming your targeting teams with only 1 or maybe 2 minions). But the downsides are many with this familiar type. Against teams with large amounts of Ablative Shield and/or Guardian Angel, the familiar will lack the firepower to end the fight before melee and will inevitably kill itself against the Guardian Angel (as fireball is particularly weak against this spell). As well, it takes a rather large hit from AMF and against multiple minions, it's damage is rendered nearly insignificant. This leads to the fire familiar killing itself in the majority of fights. All in all, almost all other types of familiars would be more effective. (Note, if the familiar AND the enchanter survive to melee, the fireball will do damage to YOUR enchanter as well as the opponent's minions. Not a good thing)

However, if you're absolutely set on this, try putting loads of DM on your enchanter to counter any AB/GA and target teams with little base HP.

Equipment: Fire Familiar Amulet of Junction Helm of Clearsight Alatar Gloves or Noldorin SpellCasters Displacement Boots (These should ONLY be used if you can raise them by at least +100), or Spellboosters/Boots of Fortitude.

Ice Familiar (IF)- The familiar is, arguably, the king of melee. Against teams with large amounts of ablative shield and little armor, the amount of damage the familiar can deal is mind boggling (easily the most destructive spell in the game in these situations). This familiar works well against teams without GA/AMF, but even with those spells, assuming your AS is high enough, you can still do well. The downsides though are quite pronounced. Cone of Cold suffers terribly from AMF. Even with lots of HP and hefy NSCs, you're still going to be dealing with a-lot of backlash. The spread damage of your IF is also weak to GA. Teams with lots of AMF and GA will hurt you quite badly. But you'll hurt them back, turning it quickly into a game of who kills who faster. On top of this, IF waits until melee to start fighting, so your opponents get (typically) 5 rounds on which to take you out in.

This familiar should only be used by higher level players. But, if you're determined to use an IF, you'll want TONS of Ablative Shield. Tons and tons. With that, you'll probably want AMF to help you survive to melee. Dispel Magic is also a good choice. Which is better is determined basically by your fightlist. Dispel Magic is necessary if you want to take on GA teams while AMF is necessary to fight most mage teams (MM/FB/CoC, you'll have less trouble with SG. As your team will have basically no AC, that spell won't hurt you near as fast as you'll hurt them)

Equipment: Ice Familiar Helm of Clearsight Displacement Boots (same as before, but they're much, much more useful here, as you'll need all the help you can get to survive to melee) NSC (AGs are not near as effective while using an IF) Amulet of Junction

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