Amulet of Junction

  1. Basic Information and Statistics
  2. Forging Information
  3. Strategy and Comments
  4. Fun Facts
  5. NW Values by Enchantment Level

Basic Information and Statistics

  • Abbreviation: AoJ
  • Upgrades do not affect AC; bonds wearer to familiar.
  • Power weight: 0.2
  • Average past auction price paid for this item: [1]

Forging Information

  • Not Forgeable

Strategy and Comments

  • Links items' effects to familiar. Assuming that this works the same as the previous Skill Junction, this means the following is probably true (but needs to be checked!):
  1. Weapons don't do anything that would qualify for Junction, e.g., MH's HP leech.
  2. 100% of most of the positive effects are passed on, 150% for ST and DX, and some of the negative effects are fully blocked. ST and DX penalties are blocked by Junction, but some other penalties are not, for example, the -5 UC for using a Shield. To get the full effect for ST and DX the junction minion needs to have a base of 100 ST and DX.
  3. Effects apply to minion and familiar, but only the familiar's end is modified by Junction.
  4. The effect of a Helm of Clearsight transfers.
  5. Using a MgS with an AoJ and a DD familiar will cause the familiar's DD spell level to become 0.
  • Junctions skill on the minion wearing the amulet to the familiar. (It is suspected that this is currently not working correctly.)
  • Best used on any strategy that uses a Familiar type tattoo.
  • Naming gives no bonus.
  • AC from minion also transfers to the familiar without being affected by encumbrance

Fun Facts

  • All amulets have been changed (13th of March 2009) [2] to +10 versions which grant 100% junction effect. For the brief period during the beginning of their introduction, they were randomly spawned between +1 and +10 (non forgeable, non blacksmithable), only granting 10% junction per level.

NW Values by Enchantment Level

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