1. How do I get Endurance?
  2. What does Endurance do?
  3. A Few Data points

How do I get Endurance?

Endurance is an ability that is currently only available to a team through a Tattoo of Endurance.

What does Endurance do?

Endurance is a percentage determined by the level of the tattoo. Endurance only protects against physical attacks, and is applied to your entire team evenly. Endurance is a simple percentage reduction to all physical damage that is applied to all members of your team.

A Few Data points

6.5 mil named ToE - .515 (51.5%) Endurance.

5.8 mil named ToE - 0.505 (50.5%) Endurance.

3.6m ToE - .49 (49%) Endurance.

3 mil level ToE - .45 (45%) Endurance.

1.1 mil level ToE - .41 (41%) Endurance.

f(x) = 5.7021201*ln(x)+(-38.341155) is probably the formula for calculating % reduction

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