Tattoo of Endurance

  1. Basic Information and Statistics
  2. Forging Information
  3. Strategy and Comments
  4. Facts
  5. Fun Facts

Basic Information and Statistics

  • Abbreviation: ToE
  • Cost to buy: 20% of NW
  • Profit to sell: 16% of NW
  • Primary effect: Grants Endurance to all minions
  • Secondary effect: Grants Steel Skin to the wearer, at 1/10th the tattoo level.
  • Average past auction price paid for regular tattoo: [1]
  • Average past auction price paid for lesser version: [2]


Forging Information

  • Not upgradeable.

Strategy and Comments

  • Works best with teams with a lot of HP and other defensive measures such as a Mage Shield, AMF, EC, an Axbow, an Exbow, high AC (Armor Class), or any combination of the preceding.
  • Can also be used with a single Mage to compensate for low hitpoints. Training roughly roughly 1/3 HP, 1/2 DD, and the rest in DM will allow the mage to combat annoying enchantments and have enough life to tackle most other teams.
  • Strengths: The ToE works well against teams built around small damage (ie. EETM with Guardian Angel).
  • Weaknesses: The minion will be vulnerable to ToA-focused team with large weapons.
  • Aura remains until end of fight (even after tattoo wearer is killed)
  • Specific Strategy: ETM (Type #1).
  • ToE no longer protects against AMF or Guardian Angel or Direct Damage Spells [3]
  • ToE does not protect vs the damage from a Rune of Balrog Flame


  • A 21k ToE will reduce damage by 18.5%
  • A 6M ToE will reduce damage by 51%

Fun Facts

  • The oldest tattoo in CB is a Tattoo of Endurance. See [4] for more information.

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