New Character Bonus (NCB)

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The New Character Bonus was originally created to give people a way of attempting to catch up to the top fighters. For six months the NCB offers increased XP rewards but with an increase to the purchased Battle Allocation price and no bonus to cash rewards. The bonus amount is based on the top MPR character when you start your NCB. The primary difference between the NCB and the NUB is that the NCB is a bonus to XP only. The NUB also confers a bonus to cash rewards to allow diligent new users to catch up with veterans in earning power.

On the New Character page, "applies to only one character at a time" means that you may not create another NCB character until the bonus on your last one ends. The lack of qualification here with respect to retirement or transferred status does indeed mean that these do not affect the time before you may create another NCB char. This has since been changed so that you may start a new NCB as long as you have no other active NCB.

Tips for a Successful Run

  • You will not be able to buy minions during your run without saving up first, so hire all at the start or wait until your run is over if you have not saved up enough money.
  • Save up 1600 BA before starting your run.
  • Setting a single goal for an NCB run will help such as tattoo, mpr or gear growth. If you are going for mpr, put all money into buying ba and at the bonus xp times first.
  • Try to use all of your natural BA as possible.
  • Pick a strategy and stick with it! Retrain as little as possible.

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