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Battle Allocation (BA) is the unit of turns on CB. Each BA unit may be spent by either Fighting an opponent, or by performing one step of Forging an item. When you run out of turns, you will see an Out of BA page. You can then either wait for BA to regenerate, or purchase more. And no, there is no way to see this Out of BA page until you actually run out of BA.


BA may be purchased at a cost and quantity relative to your Power (PR). The amount available resets at midnight server time, nightly. As your PR grows each BA costs more and the total available to you for purchase decreases. You can stockpile up to 1600 BA through purchasing

While having your New User Bonus (NUB), BA is free to buy until it expires. With a New Character Bonus (NCB) the cost of BA is extremely high.


  • BA regenerates over time at a rate relative to the Minion Power (MPR) of your largest character up to a maximum of 160. Letting BA accrue (store up) when unused rather than being wasted means that you don't have to be logged in to CB every hour of your day to be competitive. However, someone who doesn't play for a month (to give an extreme example) shouldn't get thousands of fights when he comes back; that's unfair to people who've been active the entire time. A cap of 160 is a nice balance between zero and unlimited accrual.
  • It is possible to get less BA than would normally occur at refresh time. When your BA is (re)loaded for various reasons (server restart, etc.) you will get BA proportional to the amount of time that passed; it is possible to get fractional amounts of the normal refresh rate this way.
  • The higher your MPR, the slower your BA regenerates (in other words, the less BA you get per 20 minutes) - however, fight rewards are adjusted accordingly to increase whenever your BA regeneration rate decreases. This allows larger characters to fight less often, as there are fewer opponents available to fight. It further allows a loss for a smaller character to have a less impactful effect on the character as a whole. Clan points are also affected, as a smaller character can gain more, while a larger character gains less. This is offset by the fact that a smaller character typically loses more, and a larger character loses less. The net result trends towards a wash.
  • The total amount of BA you can buy per day is 8 hours worth of 'normal' replenished BA. The amount of BA to purchase resets each day at midnight server time.
   BA Rate*   % of top MPR   Daily Buyable Amount  Time needed for full BA regen (160)**
   --------   ------------   --------------------  -----------------------------------
   10         0 - 3          240                   5.33 hours or 5 hours 20 minutes
   9          3 - 15         216                   5.93 hours or 5 hours 56 minutes
   8          15 - 40        192                   6.67 hours or 6 hours 40 minutes
   7          40 - 60        168                   7.62 hours or 7 hours 37 minutes
   6          60 - 100       144                   8.89 hours or 8 hours 53 minutes

*Values are the amount regenerated every 20 minutes.

**Rounded up to nearest hundredth/minute for the sake of simplicity

[I just verified this. Rate is based on MPR, not VPR, and is only evaluated during cache flush. So yes, you can buy your BA right before cache flush if you are on the verge, then spend it all at the higher rate. ~NightStrike]

To know how much BA you still have :

Your current BA regeneration rate is displayed on the Out of BA page (or you can calculate your MPR / highest MPR result with the above table). You can also see it on your profile page next to your avatar image.

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