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You start with three minions. The first minion is a Unarmed Combat minion, he trains HP ST and DX and a little bit of Unarmed Combat now and then, will depend on how fast you can add certain gear as to how heavy you will need to train Unarmed Combat.

The second minion trains HP, a base Armor Proficiency, and say 1/3 of the exp into AMF.

The third minion trains HP and about 1/4 into Phantom Link.

Now you can believe me or not, but this is essential. Get a loan, buy these two pieces of gear. A Base Combat Gi and a base Rune of Balrog Flame.

Get a base crossbow, EXBOW even better give it to the Unarmed Combat guy.

If you can start your three minion team with this gear, the money you will make because you can challenge people so much higher than yourself, you will make it back in no time. These items at base are not very expensive.

So OK. Right off the bat you have a UC of 11 (at base the Gi adds 10 to your UC but Zero to your PR *wink*) and an unavoidable damager with rounds that go to what...50 now? Piece of cake. You will cake walk through your peer group and crush everything around you for a long long time.

There you go. You start like that, and look out! Now EVERYONE will tell you, go single minion!!!! You will grow faster. This is not ideal. Faster growth means you reach the WOW I need a lot of CB cash to do this fast growth thing now. Which usually means you reach for your wallet. Three minions will take longer to grow than one. But you will be making large cash and large chunks of XP because your challenge bonus will be 100% for your entire fight list, for a long long time.

As you grow your three minions and have all this extra cash to spend because as long as you are growing that tattoo and bumping the UC now and then, you wont have to spend money on anything, not even ammo, how cool is that? Back in my day....hahaha just kidding.

So what to do with your cash....prepare. Wait like a spider for these items at base to pop through the auction system at 3am Central time or whatever, and get them as cheap as possible.

Exbow (why not its free ranged attacks and you are training ST and DX) Shadow cloak Displacement Boots Helm's gauntlets (these should be added first!) Helm of Ecthelion For the UC guy, in addition to the Gi.

The Rune of Balrog Flame guy is fine really do what you want to him, add leather boots, leather gloves, a cabasset, and a buckler if for nothing else why not. To really tank him out, go for giving him AC.

The last guy the phantom link guy, he basically needs AC or....Magic reduction. Now listen, you can do it ONLY equipping the UC guy for a long time, add a TSA and a MgS to the phantom link guy and watch you explode. You will hear about walls or plateaus, hit one, add MgS, poof, that wall is gone. MgS are the opposite of cheap.

So there it is. Let the frenzy begin. Tell me how wrong how right I am, ask your questions about why it works, or what the heck I meant, or if you can have any of what I am on. I am bullet proof. Let the games begin.

The original thread along with further discussion can be found here[1].

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