Rune of Balrog Flame

  1. Basic Information and Statistics
  2. Forging Information
  3. Strategy and Comments
  4. Fun Facts

Basic Information and Statistics

  • Abbreviation: RoBF or RBF
  • Primary effect: Inflicts damage in melee rounds equivalent to 20% of the tattoo level. This is subject to AC damage reduction with all AC affecting the damage. The MgS does not help.
  • Secondary effect: Grants an effective trained Evasion equal to 1/10th the total experience of the RoBF. [1]
  • Tertiary effect: Magic resistance; protection against Direct Damage Spells, sans Decay and direct Sling of Death hits. This effect is a percentage-based effect, meaning the largest tattoo in the game would reduce magic by about 25% as a RoBF; however, getting to 15% or 20% is relatively common. Unfortunately, it gets pretty hard to go up past that. To get to 30% would require being 6x larger than the largest tattoo.
  • Quaternary effect: Protects against AMF backlash equal to the magic resistance.
  • Average past auction price paid for regular tattoo: [2]
  • Average past auction price paid for lesser version: [3]

Forging Information

  • Not upgradeable.


Strategy and Comments

  • Melee damage is no longer applied against those who attack. It is now sent to the first Minion based on melee attacking rules (ie, invisible minions are skipped).
  • RoBF's pure damage is unaffected by Antimagic Field, Ethereal Chains and Evasion. Guardian Angel doesn't react to it.
  • The RoBF's attack occurs once per round during melee rounds only.
  • There is no more aura effect, so the damage ends when the minion wearing the rune dies.
  • As the RoBF protects against Direct Damage Spells it also protects the wearer from "friendly fire" caused by the Fire Ball spell.
  • A key item in the E:RoBF, EW:RoBF, and the WEW:RoBF
  • AC protects from the damage (All AC + and base) with an example:
  • Superman burns from the flames surrounding Roxanne (850452) 335 AC
  • Superman burns from the flames surrounding Roxanne (1288650) 221 AC
  • Superman burns from the flames surrounding Roxanne (1747918) 99 AC
  • Superman burns from the flames surrounding Roxanne (1931105) 0 AC

Fun Facts

  • This tattoo was formerly a cloak (Cloak of Balrog Flame). Numerous discussions and even one contest have been based upon this item. (Contest:[4], Discussion: [5] and [6])

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