Tattoo Artist

  1. Cost
  2. Reverting the tattoo
  3. Example

The Tattoo Artist allows a Tattoo of any type to be converted into a Tattoo of another type with two exceptions:

  • A Lesser Tattoo cannot be changed into a regular Tattoo. (This also means lesser tattoos cannot be turned into Halidon or Jigorokano Familiars as there are no lesser forms.)
  • A Tattoo cannot be changed into a non-leveling Tattoo as well as vice versa (i.e. Rune of Enlightenment). (This would be a waste of a tattoo)


The fee for this service is one tattoo of the new type; the original Tattoo will lose none of its experience.

Reverting the tattoo

You may undo the change for a week, but the cost will not be refunded.


If you have a level 1,000,000 Steel Familiar and would like to change it to a Fire Familiar; you will need to acquire a low level Fire Familiar, and then using the tattoo artist, you now have a level 1,000,000 Fire Familiar.

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