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CB what is it about

Carnageblender is multiplayer online text based strategy game that pitches multiple clans against each other. You need no downloads or any other kind of software to play! All you need is a webbrowser and JAVA and you're set!

CarnageBlender is also an ideal cell phone RPG!


Realtime chat?

My experience

The addictive nature of this text based role playing game has kept me active since March of 2003! Thanks go out to the active development team as well as to the close-knit and friendly community. ~ dudemus

With consistent updates, an involved staff willing to listen to the feedback of users, and a solid gameplay that provokes thoughtfulness in every action, Carnage Blender stands above the rest in strategy RPGs. It's like chess mixed with D&D in a text-based RPG format, with an awesome and helpful community that helps via the forums and the Chat. Excellent game! ~ OB

I'm never going to be able to leave. CB has given and taken more quality from me than I knew I had. ~ novice

Addicting. Fun. Mushu. ~ Jiraiya

Who thought text based RPGs could be so fun. I didn't think so, here I am 3 and a half years later still clicking away. Quite the unique battle system and clans for everyone :) ~ Flamey

Quite simply the best online game I've ever played. Addictive gameplay, great community: I too may never leave. ~ Johnnywas

I play more because of the people now that I know them, they are some of the best people I have ever met. ~ Nayab

Personally, this is a great break from all the pictured video games. Sure it may be a strain of the eyes, but reading a text based game is enjoyable as a break. ^_^ Some if not most of the people are friendly, oddly funny, and even the topics of the chat can get a little... offhand at times. This game is definitely unique at all the multitudes of changes that happen, that will affect some of the strategies out there and even destroy others if they are unlucky. Its a good game to play at work, or school or when your bored out of your skull and wanna chat up the people, this is the place to go. ^_^ Even though this place is occupied by some "dark souls" and perverts, the people here are always worth the stay and worth the time to get to know. ^_^ If you hear a mew mew within chat, its just your local Kitteh Goddess welcoming ya to CB. ~ "Kitteh Shinobu"

Carnage Blender is the Best free MMORPG game I have ever played and I suggest it to anyone who likes a long term, in depth, strategically challenging game that has an excellent and knowledgeable community. ~ Admiralkiller

CB has by far been the best text based game I have ever played. From the close tight-knit community, all the way down to the complex game play, I have been captivated and sucked into the world of CB like no other game I have ever played before it. For me it just does not get any better then this. Without a doubt I have become a CBer for life. ~ Xenogard

I have played this game off and on since 2004 and no matter how many times I leave I find myself coming back. Many things make this game great, but it's greatest strength is in it's applied versatility. From Community Members to Strategy to Game Play and finally Competition, All in All one of the best games I have ever played! ~ Zenai


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