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The following Wishlist is a list of feature requests from the user community specific to the Wiki itself. As they are addressed, they will be moved to the closed section. Before adding a new one, check to see that it hasn't already been suggested and closed -- either because it was implemented or denied for some reason.

Wiki Guide

The Wiki is a integral part of carnage blender as it holds the collective mind of all of the best players. If you would like to contribute to the Wiki, it is suggested that you read over the Wiki Style Guide first. To ensure that the highest quality content makes it into the Wiki, the users do check and re-check data to make sure it is accurate. Do not edit and put inaccurate or completely false data into the Wiki. Every edit in the Wiki is logged and the previous data from the Wiki is also stored, so vandalizing the Wiki only serves as an annoyance. Users who show that they are not mature enough or able to control themselves when editing the Wiki will be banned from editing it.

The Wiki serves as the "best available" data we have in most circumstances, but as such, the data can change, so while most all of the data contained within the Wiki is accurate, it never hurts to double check to ensure the Wiki data is accurate.

Wishes on Jonathan's to-do list

Note that Jonathan's list includes lots of things, and many have been on the list a very long while, so don't hold your breath.

  1. A Wiki search function, preferably that allows either regex or quoting a whole phrase (google style)

New Wishes

  1. Aliases that allow redirects to be created as certain pages. (e.g. /wiki/EG's will automatically forward along to Elven Gloves to ensure there is no confusion.)
  2. Complete list of all wiki edits with a UI. All edits by page and all edits by user are already accessible.
  3. Wiki pages already support html section labels (ie, the TOC at the top of each page links to a section via the #-notation). It would be useful to link to a sub-section from another page in the wiki. Instead of pointing someone to a page and telling them to scroll down to a section, the feature would allow linking directly to a section. For instance, [Welcome:Chat].
  4. In that vein, image tags might be useful to display graphs. This feature may be wide open to abuse.
  5. An x number of edits in a one hour period thing. Then, if someone is doing a wiki attack at least the damage will not take so long to fix.

Closed Wishes

Jonathan's responses after the wish (which is italicized)

  1. A certain new user non-edit time would be nice, wherein you cannot edit wiki pages. This would prevent some of the wiki vandalism that is occuring, since most of it occurs due to newer players. Also, since new players rarely have enough knowledge initially to edit the wiki, it seems reasonable. This has been in place for a long time; both 24h waiting period and email verification are required.
  2. A way to use tags as variables. For instance, in wikipedia, if you put something like {lowercase} somewhere, it automaitcally substitutes that with a message explaining that the proper title for the web page should be in lowercase, but is displayed in uppercase due to Wikipedia's eccentricities. This would be handy for things like item descriptions that are always the same (ie, lines about how an item cannot be forged.) Not feasible with the current wiki codebase.
  3. Tables. We constantly build tables for enchantment costs and stat levels. ASCII tables are quite annoying to maintain, and since the form entry font is not fixed-width, usually require something like notepad. I agree that this would be a nice feature, but it is also not feasible.
  4. Since there's already a flag for disallowing users with unconfirmed email addresses from editing the wiki, also require that the user reads the Wiki Style Guide first. This implies that the Wiki Style Guide should be updated. Adding special-cased tracking for wiki pages is a waste of effort.
  5. Require a "reason for change" for renaming, killing, and resurrecting pages. Wow, whoever comes up with these deserves the nickname Turbo Control Freak.
  6. An easier way to report wiki vandalism. It's really starting to get annoying. It's unclear to me what could be easier than posting to public record so an admin can wiki-ban him.
  7. Include justification formatting too. I foresee much abuse of centering. -J
  8. Text size, for MORE emphasis. Also perhaps too much of a temptation.
  9. Maybe, although I hate to say this, add a spell check. That doesn't stop us from posting even if there are a foul amount of spelling errors. done
  10. Preview option, to check how our update will turn out, before we 'post' it. done

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