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Please follow this guide when editing the wiki. All changes are logged, so don't worry too much about messing things up (but do practice on the Graffiti page first).

First rule: separate subjects with subheadings. "Links" and "Creating pages" below are examples of subheadings. Subheadings automatically show up in the Contents section above. Introductions like this one should not have a subheading, as they introduce the main content and are likewise filed under the main heading.


If you are to include a link outside the wiki, doing so in a raw format is preferred, e.g., Do not use brackets because this gives the link a footnote style, something that can make comprehension difficult. When linking to other pages within the carnageblender domain, relative linking is desired so that people logging in using any of the available methods do not have to log in a second time to view the link. To relatively link a page, use the following syntax:


This will link to the General forum, and will display in footnote style, such as this: [1]. Note that this is similar to normal relative linking (ie, starting with the /bboard), however it includes http: at the front. Note also that there is only a single forward slash. This is important.

When linking other pages, don't link a page simply so the first shows up in the second's linkback section. If you want to link page A from page B, just edit B and add the link!

Do not link to Wiki Home; it is already at the top of every page.

Correct Terms

PR stands for Power. MPR stands for Minion Power, etc.

BA stands for Battle Allocation.


Always use the full name before using an abbreviation on a page; give the abbreviation in parentheses after using the full name, then feel free to use the abbreviation without further explanation. Where appropriate, link to a wiki page on the subject as well. For example, "Antimagic Field (AMF) is an important part of an anti-mage arsenal. Many players dedicate one enchanter entirely to AMF..."

Page names should be based on the full name of a term, not an abbreviation. To continue the above example, link to Antimagic Field, not AMF.

Creating Pages

Creating pages is done by linking to a page from another. After you save your page with links (to pages that don't yet exist), click on the new link and CB will create the page. For example, Steel Cuirass or Wall.

Use appropriate capitalization as if the pages were magazine articles.

Item page layout

The Helm's Gauntlets page gives an example of item page layout. The accepted sections for items (and the proper order for those sections) are:

  • Basic Information and Statistics
  • Forging Information
  • Strategy and Comments
  • Fun Facts
  • NW Values by Enchantment Level.

The NW list will be the longest section, and should therefore always be placed last. Bullets should not be used, as they are redundant with the '+'. The plus signs should be aligned, as should the equals signs. Fun Facts usually include offsite links describing things like the origin of the item name (see the Vorpal Blade page for an example). Forging Information includes the most optimal known forging time with BA cost, as well as a link to information describing how to actually forge the item. Finally, the information block at the top is typically a bulleted list of attributes describing the functionality of the item -- base size, base cost, special properties, and inherent penalties are all appropriate for this area. If it is found on the Items Overview page, it probably belongs here. The Strategy and Comments section will vary from item to item, from nothing at all to lengthy explanations of functionality. Generally, if information in the first section spills onto multiple lines for any given bullet, or if the wording becomes bulky and unwieldy, it might be wise to move it to this section and expand on it properly.

See Also

Linking related pages at the bottom of a section is a Good Thing.

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