glaive of pain

  1. Basic Information and Statistics
  2. Forging Information
  3. Net Worth Information
  4. Strategy and Comments
  5. Fun Facts

Basic Information and Statistics

  • Fixed stats: [300x13] (+40)
  • Melee Weapon, 2-Handed Polearm Class Weapon
  • This weapon is referred to as GoP.

Forging Information

This weapon was not forgable.

Net Worth Information

  • $50,000 Net Worth

Strategy and Comments

Fun Facts

  • This is a Weapon which existed in CB1 and did not make it to be a weapon of choice in CB2.
  • It had fixed stats with the power of what then was a x45 Claymore (the current Katana).
  • The damage modifier was not linear yet, making this far more powerful than you'd think now.

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