Max & Private Bet (in Public Record)

private January 14 2005 6:33 PM EST

Max believes he has found an unbeatable strategy and I think he is nuts. Max claims he will be the top player in 4 months. If he is indeed the top player in 4 months, I will give him 500K. If he is not the top player in 4 months, he will give me 500K.

Top player is defined as being "Spid Like?," among other things. If Max and I are unable to agree on if Max is the top player or not, we will beg a full admin to use a poll to help us.

This deal is void if the CB2 exchange rate somehow shifts such that 500K is worth more than $50...but CB2 value will likely go down, not up. So, this is unlikely to be an issue.

private January 14 2005 6:33 PM EST

Note: Buying chars is considered cheating.

Max January 14 2005 6:36 PM EST

I must accept this bet and, in time, destroy you.

Concepter January 14 2005 8:32 PM EST

Thats one BIG! Bet.

MrC [DodgingTheEvilForgeFees] January 14 2005 11:31 PM EST

/me will pay Max 100k under the same terms as Private posted if he manages it.

After hearing the basics from him I agree "I think he is nuts". :)
Good luck with it though ;)

Max January 14 2005 11:55 PM EST

/me agrees and makes the crazy signal next to his ear.

[pwnage]Exotion [[pWnage]] January 15 2005 7:49 PM EST

lol i got my money on max (even i dont have any money) so i aint not actually putting money into this wacky bet


AdminShade January 15 2005 8:10 PM EST

go max go :)

SBW January 15 2005 8:11 PM EST

I put 1 cbd on Max =P

[pwnage]Exotion [[pWnage]] January 15 2005 8:34 PM EST

Max ill actually put $100 on you (cb2) by the way wat is your plan?

spydah January 16 2005 9:57 AM EST

I'll put 10M on myself


Max January 16 2005 10:30 AM EST

I think I'll name my BoNE, "Bug Spray"

[pwnage]Exotion [[pWnage]] January 16 2005 11:48 AM EST

still curious what this master plan is. I am still rooting for max all the way. but have no clue why. TELL ME PLEASE

Majestik Moose January 16 2005 12:06 PM EST

nice bet! better start fighting a lot then :)

Bounty Hunter January 16 2005 11:30 PM EST

I'll add 50K to Max's pot if he wins only:)

private January 22 2005 5:22 AM EST

Maybe you should just give me the 500K now.

Cranium Basher January 22 2005 5:28 AM EST

I'll throw in 100k

private February 9 2005 11:01 PM EST

Max and I have agreed to cancel our agreement.

Max February 9 2005 11:02 PM EST


Chargerz-Back February 9 2005 11:04 PM EST


Max February 9 2005 11:06 PM EST

Personal reasons. Nothing more to be said.

private February 10 2005 12:02 AM EST

I am quitting CB2. I appreciate you keeping confidence but I'm not keeping it a secret.
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