Admins et al: Is this cheating or just evil??? (in General)

Nixon Jibfest February 11 2005 5:40 PM EST

I was just wondering if the following strategy would be grounds for banning or just considered extremely poor style. Note that this is just a thought and I don't actually plan on doing it...

If one camper were to transfer 14000 arrows and 10 pieces of junk armor into another camper's inventory to fill his quota, would that be cheating? As far as I know, there are no rules against xfering items to others accounts.

Just an interesting scenario to ponder about.

MrC [DodgingTheEvilForgeFees] February 11 2005 5:49 PM EST

It's a little cheap but other than that, I haven't seen anything to say that it's banned.

CooperTX February 11 2005 5:52 PM EST

When Jon talks about those with naturally devious minds...

Myonax February 11 2005 5:57 PM EST

Assuming the "victim" wasn't an Idiot, they would probably Thank you for the free cash to sell that junk back to the store.

Gothar February 11 2005 6:03 PM EST

Assuming you didnt get in trouble for camping the store to get the junk in the first place.

[FireBreathing]Chicken February 11 2005 6:16 PM EST

meh. send pebbles, arrows = expensive.

Nixon Jibfest February 11 2005 6:18 PM EST

chicken, definitely pebbles, whips, and wooden shields

CT [Monopoly] February 11 2005 7:48 PM EST

LOL! I would like to see someone do that :P

Nixon Jibfest February 11 2005 8:15 PM EST

Just occurred to me that if LOAN all the items, the recipient wouldn't be able to get rid of it.

Nightmare [NewNightmares] February 11 2005 8:19 PM EST

no, but he could just move it around to other characters. Plus I'm fairly certain that repeated instances could be classified as harrassment.

AdminShade February 11 2005 8:29 PM EST

the 'victim' could just sell them back to store and make a nice 'profit' out of them...

wish someone would do it to me once in a while :P

Nixon Jibfest February 11 2005 8:30 PM EST

I dont think you can sell something that is loaned to you.

AdminG Beee February 11 2005 10:19 PM EST

If there was no public record of a loan agreement and the camper who received the "loaned" items complained then I would look on it as foul play.

I'd help the devious/evil camper avoid a similar fate by reducing his own personal stack of camped goodies. I'd send an appropriate amount of equipment (or money) from his character to Central_Bank just to keep him aware that this sort of practice would be frowned upon.

Fishead February 12 2005 12:57 AM EST

Isn't this on the verge of store farming?

moser February 12 2005 1:34 AM EST

Just to expand on this, what if 175 non campers decided to loan for week a 'few' items to a variety of campers, would that be wrong?

InebriatedArsonist February 12 2005 1:38 AM EST

I think the general idea is that acting like a pain won't go over well with the admins. If you make trouble for someone else, don't be surprised if the admins make trouble for you.

AdminG Beee February 12 2005 6:08 AM EST

Fishead, You can't farm (see here) stores on CB2 as purchases no longer have anything to do with refreshes.

[CB1]moniker February 12 2005 12:33 PM EST

Jib, items that you've loaned out count toward your own maximum item cap as well.
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