Q: Exbow strength drain % (in General)

Quark February 16 2005 1:43 PM EST

Does the amount of strength the xbow drains depend on the amount of damage or the + or X of the weapon? Does anyone have an idea (I figure there aren't stats since you don't see the end strength of the target or know for sure the strength of the xbow hitting you).

Bmagnety February 16 2005 2:00 PM EST

I beleive its the + but could be wrong

GnuUzir February 16 2005 2:02 PM EST

it is the x, for example a x30 drains 30% off of each hit that causes damage...

[EG] Almuric February 16 2005 2:02 PM EST

A preliminary guess was approximately 1/4 of the X of the weapon per hit. That was a guess derived from tests with an axbow.

GnuUzir February 16 2005 2:07 PM EST

Interesting, I was wondering about this and when I was asking before (based on CB1 effects) no one corrected me, but this way makes much more sense...

Quark February 16 2005 2:13 PM EST

Assuming the exbow works the same as the axbow, this all makes sense. Thank you for your contributions!

QBsutekh137 February 16 2005 2:44 PM EST

It used to be x, but with the change in upgrade prices here in CB2, it was factored down.

QBRanger February 16 2005 2:47 PM EST

I have an axbow and it was 1% for every 4x.
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