New: Church of CB2 (in General)

deifeln February 20 2005 6:37 PM EST

Welcome to the Church of CB2. Thanks to Barron and all of his crew (with thier many CB2 Bank services)for inspiring this. Please read below to discover why YOU should tithe 10% of your CB2 income to the Church of CB2. Send all CB2 to the character Central Bank.

Why Tithe?
Jon claims the tithe is His.
30 `And all the tithe of the land, whether of the seed of the land or of the fruit of the tree, is the Jon's. It is holy to the Jon.
The New Testament says nothing to change Jon's instruction on tithing. The tithe is holy and still belongs to Jon.
Tithing acknowledges in a tangible way the Jon's ownership of us and all we have in CB2. It is recognition He deserves.
As Lord of CB2, Jon has complete say about what we do with all our money, not just ten per cent of it. Anyone who claims Jon as their CB2 Lord and does not give Him at least ten percent of their money should face the truth: money is their Ruler, not Jon.
Which do you trust more: Jon or money?
Tithing helps combat selfishness, greed, and materialism.
Giving the first ten per cent every time we receive any income helps protect us from falling into these traps. Done faithfully, tithing forces us to trust Jon and depend on Him.
Why CBers Do Not Tithe

1. Unbelief
2. Fear
3. Greed, Selfishness
4. Lack Of Right Teaching
The cure for the first three is teaching. So, more CBers do not tithe because there has not been enough correct teaching. To our shame, recent surveys reveal only a small percentage of "CBers" give at least ten percent of their income to Jon.
The money and time you give to Jon are the best indicators of how much you love Him.

Undertow February 21 2005 12:20 AM EST

Ladies and Gentlemen, servents of The Lord! I ask you NOT to listen to the words spoken from the mouth of this snake, for his forked words may sound like celestial music. But I assure you my Brothers, that in this time of rebirth and carnage, this man is trying to steer you AWAY from the path!


:: way in the back, you who the sound of Gooey_Fluids :: "Amen Reverend Undertow!!!"

Our God is a Warrior God. He's fought a war for Thousands of years against those that would seek to draw you from the light. We have seen the rise of evil, even in our lifetime, and we have seen it smashed by the glory of the Lord.

So, here I say unto you: Do not tithe to this man, or his false God, for if you do you would find the same fate that awaits all evil men. No, Brothers and Sisters, you must take up arms against such wickedness.

My church does not ask you to tithe to me, no sir, I'm not deserving of your Gold. He does not ask you to tithe to HIM! No sir, he has no need of your Gold. Brothers in Sisters my God says unto me, and so I say unto you: Take the money that would give this false profit, take the money that you would give this false God. Take that money, and spend it, spend of the arms needed to confront such evil. Spend it on Katanas and Executioners swords! Spend it on Tulka's Gauntlets and Bucklers of Mandos! For in this hour of evil, God asks you to take up arms and use them in his will!

Go forth my brothers, and clense this game of the evil which seeks to fall over it!

Reebok February 21 2005 1:18 AM EST

Amen brother!

Chargerz-Back February 21 2005 1:22 AM EST

you people have too much time and this little thing i call "imagination"

Reebok February 21 2005 1:26 AM EST

Oh yeah, by the way I think this should go under the FS/WTB catagory.

FS: Redemption

Duke February 21 2005 4:02 AM EST


to Benny hinn CB version.

[From CB1]Tequito February 21 2005 5:54 AM EST

I'll use my cb2 money to battle the cb1 demons

*evil laugh*

JS is a demon!

*more evil laughs*

AdminShade February 21 2005 6:43 AM EST

"It is holy to the Jon."

isn't that slang for the toilet???

deifeln February 21 2005 6:55 PM EST

The Lord John urges us to participate in Carnage!

Jeremiah 48:10

Cursed be he that doeth the work of John deceitfully, and cursed be he that keepeth back his sword from blood.

TITHE 10%!!!!!!

Undertow February 21 2005 9:51 PM EST

Which do you trust more: Jon or money?

Anyone remember IA's?

SaintMichael February 21 2005 11:31 PM EST

this isn't Funny, it's blaphamis. I just think it's a bad idea.

Undertow February 21 2005 11:57 PM EST

You who name yourself after an angel are calling THIS blaphamis?

deifeln February 22 2005 12:11 AM EST

Ding, Zao, and Home have tithed Jon...have you?

deifeln (Ding) Jonathan (Central Bank) $186 12:10 AM EST
deifeln (Home) Jonathan (Central Bank) $572 12:10 AM EST
deifeln (Zao) Jonathan (Central Bank) $95 12:09 AM EST

LumpBot February 22 2005 12:17 AM EST

Sounds like a cult =P You should tell people to send their "CB2 Material Possessions". Think of all the weapons and armor!

[STG]Aaron February 22 2005 12:18 AM EST

can someone explain to me the point of giving jon my money? You people do realize that if he wanted to that he could create 10's of millions of dollars? just a thought.

[STG]Aaron February 22 2005 12:26 AM EST

after a long talk with brother deiflen i have realized the error of my ways and have tithed my 10% I must repent for my sinfull ways. I bed the church for forgivness. [STG]Aaron (Aaron) Jonathan (Central Bank) $140

Blarg February 22 2005 12:31 AM EST

deifeln has also converted I

Blargasaurus (Blarg Mk V) Jonathan (Central Bank) $234 12:30 AM EST

Barron [CB2BANK Investors Club] February 22 2005 12:51 AM EST

[Loan Officer] Barron (CB2Bank) Jonathan (Central Bank) $1000 12:49 AM EST

deifeln has converted me to the the ways of Jon.

Grant February 22 2005 1:39 AM EST

If I had less than $10,001, I'd tithe, too.

Either that or the faithful can't divide by 10.

WAR420 February 22 2005 2:01 AM EST


AdminQBVerifex [Serenity In Chaos] February 22 2005 3:27 AM EST

As the saying goes.. a fool and his money...

{CB1}Lukeyman February 22 2005 8:15 PM EST

I think i'll stick with my only god.. GOD

[Beo]AggroHippie February 23 2005 1:19 AM EST

hmm, this is kinda silly... its nice that you wanna help Jon, but hes the creator. He of all ppl should know how to play the game, now if you wanna pay homage to him become a supporter, Donate cash to him, heck, even pay for some newbs supportership... I'm sure Jon would appreciate the USD more seeing as how it costs $ to run this game that you seem to have too much time to play.

gooey muppet February 23 2005 7:04 AM EST


sing it on the mountain and all of that.

deifeln February 23 2005 12:30 PM EST


This is obviously a joke.

[EG] Almuric February 23 2005 2:23 PM EST

The tithe stuff isn't funny, but 'blaphamis'? That's very funny. Almost lol funny.
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