#1 change you would like to see in game. (in General)

budice February 24 2005 6:22 PM EST

If it could be anything that i could pick it would be a max of 500 BA instead of 160. Im layed off from work now and can play all the time, but for those with jobs and school or heck just wanting to go to the beach for the day its not really fair. It might even free up the server even more, i can do 500 BA in 30min or less and then would not have to come back for 8 hours. I have no idea what we would have to do to get this change but i think if enough of us asked for it we might get it.

Concepter February 24 2005 6:24 PM EST

Ya that would be a great change! If it will happen though...

Nightmare [NewNightmares] February 24 2005 6:32 PM EST

Everything is about balance. 160 is a great number, because with that cap and your ba refresh rate, you make a average of X amount of cash and xp. If you raise the cap, you'd have to lower the rewards.

As for a change.. I'd like to see tournament start up again soon :-D

budice February 24 2005 6:39 PM EST

Hate to reply to my own post but, with the limit at 500 i also think we would attract many new players because many people don't want to play a game where they have to miss out on turns because of work or school. They start to feel like ill never catch up so why even play. Because im layed off right now i don't miss very much BA at all and with the limit at 500 i would not gain any BA i would still get the 7 every 10min. All that would happen is i could wait 8 hours before i had to log in again.

Rubberduck[T] [Hell Blenders] February 24 2005 6:50 PM EST

I dont see anyone new catching you and especially not your toj :), 500 ba or not.

Tribute February 24 2005 6:53 PM EST

DM nerf, no tattoo nerf!

Um, one of these please!

Chargerz-Back February 24 2005 7:09 PM EST

"If you raise the cap, you'd have to lower the rewards."

why is that??? we would be spending the same amount of BA as if we stayed uf 24 hours a day. not much of a difference, except people who go to bed every once in awhile dont lose 4-6 hours of ba.

Bubo [DTC of Bubo] February 24 2005 7:11 PM EST

I believe that raising the BA would have several secondary changes that would throw off the balance of the game. To that, I have to say that I am firmly against changing the max BA.

What I *would* like to see, however, is a way to access the stats on how your rentals did after the rental period is over. As it is, I have to try and catch it just before the end of the rental period in order to record the number of rentals went out on it.

Nightmare [NewNightmares] February 24 2005 7:18 PM EST

#2 Q: Then why is there a cap of 160 accrued BA?

A: Letting BA accrue (store up) when unused rather than being wasted means you don't have to be logged in to CB every waking hour of your day to be competitive. However, someone who doesn't play for a month (to give an extreme example) shouldn't get thousands of fights when he comes back; that's unfair to people who've been active that whole time. A cap of 160 is a nice balance between zero and unlimited accrual.

--From FAQ - BA

Yes, you suggested 500, but it is basically the same thing. I was thinking differently when I posted the first time, but still the principle driving force is balance.

{CB1}Lukeyman February 24 2005 7:32 PM EST

I go to school and i have a job... yet, i've been playing for a long time, and i don't seem to fall(too far :P) behind people.

Mythology February 24 2005 7:37 PM EST

I agree 100% with Bubo's rentals suggestion.

As for the BA regen I agree with partly, it'd be good to have the number as the amount people would use when they are asleep, like 350 or something, but I also feel it might another of those things where if it was raised to 200, people would ask for 250 and so on.

Just as a side on the BA regen thing, it'd be nice for the 160 to vary with one's own regen rate, 160 ba means a lot more to someone with 1mil PR as compared to somone with 10K PR...

DM does not need nerfing, neither do tattoos, just wait for the first few century swords to appear (x100 +100) and we'll see the tattoo complaints fall off a little.

For my own change, there's three :p 1) Remove the clan PR cap and just have max members be 10, it'd hurt SoV but I'd rather clans be about friends not maths. 2) Remove the contest tax, it hasnt stopped these silly "guess my name for 10K" contests that it set out to do and just punishes those like me who'd run contests taking hours for like 10K profit. 3) Give certain unknown people within the game "gift" abilities where if they see someone going out of their way to help another for no other reason than just that they can award them gifts anonamously. There's too much in the way of taxes, penalties and fees in this game and not enough just nice things.

budice February 24 2005 7:43 PM EST

What was the max in CB1 300? I said 500 just to let those at work or school not miss any or those who want to sleep for 8hours. What would be the big downside. Well i guess if a clan saved all 500 each and then bought all they can they could get the top spot for an hour. Some have said that no one will catch me or my big ToJ well I think alot more would be near me but they miss 4hours of BA a day for work or school. I just think being able to take off 8hours at a time would be more fair to all.

budice February 24 2005 7:49 PM EST

In a perfect world i would like to see Jon list 20 or so changes and we could vote on them like the black market and mayby get 1 change every 1-3 months.

Nightmare [NewNightmares] February 24 2005 7:57 PM EST

The max on CB1 before the bandwidth issues was 160. This is an institution thats been in place for quite awhile. Also, why does it make it fair? Is it fair to raise the limit and level the field between those people who don't want to get on half as much as person X, who gets on for 10 hours a day and work at becoming the best? I'm in college, have a life outside of CB, sleep 10 hours a day, and still manage to keep up with the pack... for the most part :-P.

Laugh, if Jon wanted to code up 20 possible changes, that'd be awesome :). But, this is Jon's house, we're just visitors who are happily blending away ;)

Tenchi Muyo February 24 2005 8:19 PM EST

Personally I feel a 320 max would be nice. Double the max to be stored, so it's still only 4 hours max.

Doesn't matter much to me, the only time I miss out on BA is when I'm asleep or when I watch a long movie, but it does seem a little bad when the max is 160, which can be used up in 5 minutes easily.

Undertow February 24 2005 9:39 PM EST

Keep it at 160.

Clan forums. Chatmails are a VERY limited form of communication. Clan forums would add to the friendly atmosphere of clans, and be a better way to keep up with what your clans are up to, keep track of your enemies, post fart jokes, etc.

Relic February 24 2005 10:06 PM EST

It would be helpful to see who voted for items in the Black Market Auctions. If you missed getting a vote, you could ask someone else to buy it for you for a small fee.

Lumpy Koala February 24 2005 10:18 PM EST

Actually 200 would be nice :) 500 is too long of a gap.

Severswoed February 24 2005 10:40 PM EST

i would like to see a hit counter for threads in FS/WTB as well as table formatting for readability. Just something to break up the monotony of the threads, Space out the title from the poster, or alternate the bg color of every other post!. Or both, that would be awesome.

As far as the ba increase goes, I hate waiting on ba to regen but think of the advantage that would give a camper, I'm against it.

MrC [DodgingTheEvilForgeFees] February 24 2005 10:42 PM EST

BA limit is fine, last I checked I get just short of 4 hours before my BA gets to 160 again, how much more do you need? What, you miss 100 when sleeping a decent amount (starting at 0, you get just short of 4 hours on 7/10 refresh rate, then it hits 160 and you lose any BA after that, so the next few hours cost you 100 BA)? Same deal with school/work, another 100. 200 BA isn't a big deal, you can easily maintain 7/10 BA with missing 200 BA each day.
So you have 10/10 BA? Well just use it when you can and it'll get up to 7/10 in no time. It's when you waste your BA forging/camping or go on holiday that you drop behind in PR.

160 works well as it is.

Anyhow, as for my suggestions, how about those pants? Please?
Some form of UC weapon, brass knuckles or the insanely long list of other suggestions. Or maybe a built in ranged weapon? Rock throwing or something (using pebbles or if you are feeling creative, a new form of ammo). If that's too much of a change, how about a nice big bonus to slings if you have UC?

abba February 24 2005 10:44 PM EST

I'd like to see a camp max to the store. It would really be nice to actually buy a nice piece of gear from the store every once in a while.

Instead of seeing the same people buying all the good gear all the time. I'm not a camper, yet I do not want to be a camper, but it would be nice shop the store every once in a while and get lucky to buy a rare or much needed item from the store.

Letting other players have a chance in getting gear without having to take out loans and/or spend USD to get the gear we need.

Yes, I know you can buy from the actions or from the FS forum at a ridiculous price from someone that only plays this game just to camp and make USD money.

[EG] Almuric February 24 2005 10:45 PM EST

Bubo, check your transfers. If you only had one item in rentals, you should see all the payments for that item coming in. That should allow you to figure out how many times your item was rented. If you had more than one item, you'll have to figure it out from the item number and rental fee. Or rent each item out one at a time to figure out what its item number is.

(If someone knows of a better way to figure out item->item number correlation, I'm all ears.)

I want item namings back. Oh, and tournaments too. Not for me, but maybe some of those people ahead of me will take some time off and tourney and allow me to catch up. Amazing how much I lost in 3 days away. It's... discouraging.

AdminQBVerifex [Serenity In Chaos] February 25 2005 3:36 AM EST

How about something totally new, like special potions or scrolls or something that could be used to increase stats significantly for a certain amount of BA? hmm?

Wish Bear February 25 2005 4:09 AM EST

500 divided by 60 = 8.333333333

so like every 8 hours you need to logon to use your BA instead of every 2-3 hours.....so that is better for people that WORK...instead or losers that can sit around at home all day doing nothing but playing.....

as someone that goes to school or works i do not see the problem...

you can leave it at 10 BA per 10 mins still....just up the limit :/

Reebok February 25 2005 5:17 AM EST

as someone who recently joined a clan, I agree with abba

Reebok February 25 2005 5:20 AM EST

oh I should add, as someone who refuses to spend real money on a text based game (besides sending Jon money)

QBJohnnywas February 25 2005 5:41 AM EST

I'm with Mr C on this one - some extra additions to UC would be cool - some more items that give bonus to it in the same way as Helms and Combat Gi - maybe a tattoo that adds to the UC skill. Get some throwing stars in the game and develop a UC ranged aspect. Or just bring the Sling of David into CB2, with it spawing in the stores!

(abba suggested a camping cap - however putting a max on the amount of items you can get wouldn't stop camping - you're not going to be able to put a max on the amount of campers!)

Undertow February 25 2005 6:17 AM EST

Yah, if you try to cap the amount of BA you can camp, you'll end up with a better chance to nab rares camping, so you'll have more campers, and it will even out.

Wish Bear, I take offense to that, you just called half of CB losers. You don't have time to play? Go play a different game.

160 is nice. 500 is absurd. Do you know how long it would take someone with dial up to spend that much BA? Even on my slower than snails cable it takes about a half an hour to spend all my bought BA + a full 160.

And why 500? Why not 750? Why not 1000? Hey, here's an idea, be glad Jon lets BA acrue at all. He could just cap it at 10.

Sedecim February 25 2005 7:10 AM EST

I'd like to see the possibility of limiting the PR/score graph to only the last week/month or something.

QBBast [Hidden Agenda] February 25 2005 9:18 AM EST

A replacement for Lump's bot Lumpbot would be most appreciated, autocarping optional.

QBJohnnywas February 25 2005 9:31 AM EST

The ability to select just one of my retired chars to unretire, rather than the group unretire we have now.

(Of course I could just refrain from experimenting with different chars every so often and retiring them when they don't work or I get bored!!!)

QBJohnnywas February 25 2005 9:32 AM EST

Add to that the ability to unretire a character at any time.

[CB1]moniker February 25 2005 11:03 AM EST

BA limit should be 163

why? because it's a prime number and I'm a geek.

Vaynard [Fees Dirt Cheap] February 25 2005 11:20 AM EST

I'd have to agree with the people that brought up the max amount of BA usable towards camping. Make it say a max for every day, or even week. Sure, it would even out with more people camping and be just as hard to get stuff maybe- but at least that way it would be 30 people getting 2 rares each average instead of say four people getting 10 rares each and then a few for everyone else.

With a cap, there would still be camping, just limited to safer levels. As it is now, it makes me think of the guys that die in internet cafes playing MMORPG's, since they always seem to be camping nonstop. It would be just as beneficial if not more so anyway since you'd *maybe* have a better chance. Besides, I like the idea of spreading the rares around a bit more, instead of 75% going to the top 10 campers. Sure, prices would stay the same, but still, it's the thought that counts.

Ah well, it's fun to dream. Somehow I doubt that'll ever happen though.

NSFY February 25 2005 11:27 AM EST

/makes a note to rent a larger room for the next meeting of the half a brain society

You guys all have it backwards! Campers are to be revered - they devote the most time and suffering. Therefore I think that BAs should not accumulate at all. That's right - zilch! zero! - bupkus! You have to use BAs as they come fresh out of the oven one at a time. Then we will know that the leaders have truly suffered for their craft.

If you want to bark with the big dogs you can't pee with the puppies!

That is all,

Founding member of the Half a Brain Society

miteke [Superheros] February 25 2005 1:13 PM EST

I'd like to be able to transfer a minion from one character to another.

Please don't flame me - I got the feeling this one is so obvious it has already been discussed and discarded.

Becoming February 25 2005 1:33 PM EST

No USD buying, or a separate realm for those that do.

QBsutekh137 February 25 2005 2:10 PM EST

Disallow loaning and renting of tattoos. Keep high transfer fees for full transfer of tattoos so that it can still be done, but is a bit more costly (kind of like a forge job would be).

MoeDrippins February 25 2005 3:39 PM EST

Some indicator on chat-mail if the mail was clan-mail or to just you, and some way to reply to a clan chat-mail TO the clan.

Gwilla-Mcbain February 25 2005 3:51 PM EST

Change the BA, have mentors who actually respond to questions, and make newbies feel more welcome. Otherwise love the game.

deifeln February 25 2005 5:50 PM EST

/me minion wants pants

Admin{CB1}Slayer333 [SHIELD] February 25 2005 7:48 PM EST

being able to rename clans would be kind of cool, maybe with a fee attatched to it as well. :D

Caedmon [Revenge of the Forgers] February 25 2005 10:22 PM EST

I think you should be able to forge extra BA for yourself. Now I realize this sounds odd, but buying a lot of extra BA, especially at high pr levels, is mighty expensive. The alternative for improving your gear is the forge, so it seems a reasonable alternative here, too.

Now I realize that unlimited BA can be unbalancing, so maybe you should only get a certain number of BA from forging, like...maybe for every 10 turns you forge, you get back 5BA. Then it wouldn't be unbalancing...

Nah. I can't keep a straight face anymore. :)

smallpau1 - Go Blues [Lower My Fees] February 26 2005 1:41 AM EST

Maybe its been asked before......but an option to reply to PMs sent to you in the PM box, so you dont have to type their name, although i recently noticed if you start typing their name exactly it pops the name up automatically.

Vortex Magus February 27 2005 7:46 PM EST

make the tattoo of ice slowly gain health as it levels up, so that a base fireball won't kill a 500k tattoo of ice before it has a chance to fire.

Anubis February 28 2005 8:13 PM EST

maybe not #1
It would be nice to have a timestamp on msgs in chat windows.
I cant tell when I have received any of the messages.
Or an option to display the timestamps.

miteke [Superheros] March 2 2005 9:11 AM EST

I would like to be able to remove a character temporarily from my favorites list (something only supporters have).

So many times one of my favs pick up a nasty rental that makes them a god for a few hours. I have to delete them from my fav list and then remember to put them back on when the rental expires.

Other times they just lapse in score making it unprofitable but then shoot back up for some reason other.
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