a plea (in Public Record)

Mythology March 1 2005 2:44 PM EST

I have to admit right now im feeling a bit sorry for myself and am pretty much just crying my eyes out. A week or so back I asked quite a few people on CB for some help on my site because I'd broken up with my fiance, we'd been together 5 years and she pretty much just meant the entire world to me and that if i spent as muc time as possible doing my site it'd distract me.
Jus recently I got about 3 mails containing the same message that Todd had sent out to people asking them to attack me and my clan saying the main reason was because I didnt have anything else going for me. To be honest i wouldnt have expected this from my enemy let alone someone I asked for help.
All of you out there who are doing this plan of attacking me and the others as much as possilble all I can say is I hate you with a venom right now, I know loads of you have many grudges with me and a history that often goes back quite a way, but really

I dont even know how to say it without just sounding really pitiful, it's just like, why now.. couldnt you just wait a week or 2 to have your private discussions about me, I just wish you'd leave me alone. All I can think of is as it says in the mail that you've been discussing in private ways of attacking me in ways I wouldnt notice rallying behind the banner that I haven't got anything else and to bring me down

Im sorry for this post i regret it already its just a game as they say, well it may be but the people who play it are real. I guess I just feel really hurt right now and didnt know what else to do.

NotSuitablForChildren [Yeeeaahh.................] March 1 2005 2:55 PM EST

I received the same chatmail, and decided not to participate because I too thought that it was rather malicious. The jist was basically that first is the only thing you have, so let's take it away from you. How rude! I'm sorry that you feel so bad about it, but take some consilation in the fact that they can't keep it up forever, and if people could fight you reasonably, they would already be doing so. Also, if you were involved in the previous "bounties" placed on other clans I have no simpathy for you. But if you did nothing to bring this on yourself, I think it is petty and stupid.

BrandonLP March 1 2005 2:57 PM EST

And Todd is how old exactly?

Admin{CB1}Slayer333 [SHIELD] March 1 2005 3:00 PM EST

I really didn't think anyone on CB would be as mean spirited as that, and i hope that this is just some misunderstanding, but should this be true, i feel the same way as NSFC.

Todd March 1 2005 3:02 PM EST


First you make a post bragging how great you guys in Valinor are. Then when someone tries to organize an offensive to de-throne the #1 clan you freak out?

Listen, I'm sorry for all the crap going on in your life, but it has little to with this.

Synco March 1 2005 3:03 PM EST

some ppl take this game to seriously and they try to break a person down in every way they can....seems that they spend to much time trying to put some1 else down cuz they r the ones who really have nothing else going for them....if the did, they wouldnt keep bothering some1...
I do agree with forgemaster though....if u brought this upon yourself, then u deserve it....what goes around comes around...

Eternal March 1 2005 3:06 PM EST

If he was doing it just to hurt you, personally, then that's a pretty classless act.

But, considering it's in the confines of the game, and everyone's striving to be number one, I doubt he meant is as anything personal. You shouldn't (not that it changes that you are) feel hurt by someone trying to de-throne you. If anything, take it as a compliment that you've made such an impact that people have to organize and plan and strategize to even have a chance at de-throning you for even a little while.

WeaponX March 1 2005 3:09 PM EST

i think the thing that pushed todd's request into the malicious zone was "this is all he's got so lets take it from him" poor sportsmanship

BrandonLP March 1 2005 3:10 PM EST

So tell me Todd, have you changed from a week, two weeks ago to where you had a stance of it "just being a bonus" to where you feel to need to organize a clan-wide strike at SoV for this "just a bonus?"

Synco March 1 2005 3:15 PM EST

brandonLP: i think that Todd meant thats why he started a clan..."for just the bonus"
But after a couple weeks......clan rivalry develops and the clan means more than just an easy way to get a bonus
At least thats how it was for me...started for the bonus.....stayed for the excitement

QBRanger March 1 2005 3:21 PM EST

I have to disagree with some of my collegues that posted above.

First this is a game. In it people do things they want. SOV are going for first clan. Steve is going for first PR. Budice is going for first toj. Im going for some goals myself. But when I got Todd's CM, I did not think anything bad or malicious about it. I though of it as an attempt to try to stop SOV from getting first place. A reasonable goal in the scheme of things. I would not have thought that being first in clan standings meant so much to SOVMythology as apparently it does. Apparently Todd wants to take SOV down a peg or two since its constantly beating Hellfire in the ranking. Whats wrong with that? SOV is also beating Battle Royale and it irritates me a bit how they are doing it. (see point 2).

But second: The strat SOV is using to stay first clan is using low level characters to gather as much clan points as possible. They have 6 or 7 characters in the clan doing so.. However, their weakness is the fact that they are low level characters, easily defeated. Its a weakness that can be exploited. The other high level clans are not built like SOV. So whats the problem with the clans that are losing to SOV ganging up to exploit that weakness? If Battle Royale was using that strat, I would be amazed that no one yet tried to take us down.

Third: If SOV was a single character, and the plea above was made (that is not to attack me because of yada, yada, yada), I think most of us would laugh. Imagine Steve saying please dont attack me I had a really bad day. Well real life stuff happens. People playing this game have lost jobs, fiancees (amil got engaged, remember him?) etc.. But they prod on. Why is attacking SOV any different?

Fourth: I personally got the CM from Todd. I can say for a fact, that he was concerned you would get "puffed up" that were attacking SOV. But also he did say it would be something else to do along with all the other stuff going on in CB2. I think it actually would be fun to take the top dog down. Everyone likes an underdog.

So, in conclusion, I think the "plea" is a bit unwarrented. If your concerned about losing top clan status, then formulate a plan to stop it from happening. Like Hellfire, get characters that cannot easily be defeated by a lot of others to keep you clan points.

Picasso March 1 2005 3:34 PM EST

Part of this is a gross misinterpretation of the chatmail and another part is only reading certian parts of it.

The point of the possible attack on SoV is not to obliterate your clan, or target you any more specifically than attacking your char if it's in our given fight ranges. The idea was just to see if it's possible to overthrow the dynasty for one day. It's not logistically possible to keep you repressed to the point where you are receiving little to no bonus. We'd be wasting our own battles getting puny rewards if we tried to do this for more than one day.

Second, this has nothing to do with your breakup with your fiance. That's a completely separate terrible event which i'm terribly sorry about, and nothing any of us can say will bring her back. However don't equate targeting your clan with trying to further hurt you after your loss.

The part about quoting todd as saying we wanted to "target you because you didnt have anything else going for you" is a misinterpretation of what was written. He asked sevreal clan leaders earlier what we thought about it, and a lot of us must have said, what's the point except to pull some chains and make people ticked off. Todd said "I think a lot of you had the same concerns I did - Myth will just get all puffed up that we are focusing on him since being the #1 clan is all he has." it's a concern, not a reason. we were wondering what the point really is.

the point about "being the #1 clan is all he has" is not meant to poke fun at your recent breakup. i'm sorry if you interpreted it that way. i read that and immediately remembered a post where you talked about SoV's focus on being the top clan and how you werent concerned with being the top char or top forger, but that your focus was on the top clan. That's your one thing in CB. That's what you've got going for you. And some people just wanted to see if it was possible to overthrow that and put you guys down to a 14.something % bonus for a day. the "main reason" has nothing to do with hurting your feelings or making you miserable.

This was meant, as I see it, to be an attempt to temporarily see if it was possible to get someone else in the first place spot. It was not intended to make you personally feel bad. Separate the two issues. one is a real life issue, which is fine to talk about in a game community, but dont get it mixed up with the actual game issue.

Zoglog[T] [big bucks] March 1 2005 3:36 PM EST

I am on the fence here.

Firstly give Myth a break, he does his best to be helpful and play the game and he has had hard times as of late. He even went to bed at noon few days ago!!
But also I think the point being made is silly. The point of the game is to get ahead, the only thing I disagree with is how it was carried out.
Sure I don't like the fact of a lot of people attacking 1 clan or 1 person in particular but it is a part of the game but I think that at least for Myth's sake you could have done it discreetly so the whole point of "this is all he has left"(whether it is true or not) would not be bought up.

QBsutekh137 March 1 2005 5:01 PM EST

Probably a sign of the Apocalypse, but I tend to agree with Todd here, and even have some back up information.

I opted out as well, simply because I have a hard enough time managing the clan. I spoke with Todd shortly after he sent it out, and there was no malice there. When chatting, he wasn't making mean comments, being derisive, or anything of that nature. He was looking for a way to take a stab at SoV, and about the most diabolical thing he said was that he wanted to at least see if a combined front could "send a message".

Knowing Todd, and I do a bit, a big part was probably to see if it even would work. If anything, that is sort of a homage to SoV and their dominance.

Majestik Moose March 1 2005 5:28 PM EST

I admit that I gave a positive response to this "idea".

I'm not speaking English native, and my assumption of the "all he got" thing, was that it was directed towards SoVs idea that PR, NW, forging stats and money don't matter, just being #1.
If I would have thought it meant anything personal, I wouldn't have agreed at all. However, I don't think Todd was meaning it so.

I am terrible sorry for the loss, and that my action was considered bad.

Warchild March 1 2005 5:37 PM EST

Myth I am sorry about your break-up I have been there and it sucks. But the organized attack on your clan has nothing to do with any aspect of your real life. I have been taking a lot of points from SoV, even before we were asked to do so, and i did not even know about your break-up. I did it (and will continue to do it) for three reasons:

1) killing people in your clan will always get me 3 point to go towards my clan (i never have to worry about you guys slipping out of bonus and thus 3 point range)

2) I started a new character not to long ago and since your clan members have a lower pr they are actually in my range (or at least close to it)

3) Under my leadership Demonic Horde got over 20k clan points in 24hrs (as well as unseating Hellfire and being in the top spot for quite a while.) I am rather proud of the accomplishments of DH and although the time we spent at the top can be reproduced by a lot of clans i have not seen any clan come anywhere close to 20k points. I would like to see DH stay the only clan to get that many points :)

I am sorry you have been having a hard time but do not take any of this personally.

Todd March 1 2005 5:55 PM EST

Oh my goodness. I re-read all these posts, and some of you have assumed I tried to organize this as a personal attack on Myth. This is not my intent at all. I've done nothing but give accolades to Myth for running a #1 clan. I've a great respect for his character strategies as well.

This all started when a leader of another clan in the top 10 approached me asking if I was interested in concentrating our efforts on toppling SoV. I responded with "I'll ask around, but my concern is that the SoV's would like the attention". I then came up with organizing a effort to have people attack SoV clan members more frequently if they could on an ongoing basis, not a 1 time event. So, I sent out the infamous chatmail.

I assure you it was all in the spirit of fun and competition. I was not even aware of Myth's RL happenings.

Todd March 1 2005 6:07 PM EST

BTW, here is the message I sent out. Word for word.

This is a chatmail going to all clan leaders. A few other leaders have approached me in an effort to make a concentrated run a Sentinals of Valinor (SoV). I think a lot of you had the same concerns I did - Myth will just get all puffed up that we are focusing on him since being the #1 clan is all he has. So, I suggest the following. Each clan leader communicate to his clan (copy and paste this if you like) that where ever possible, we add as many SoV members to our fight lists. If they are already on your fight list, then fight them more often (get rid of some of the non-SoV members on your list). Bottom line if we all hit them a little more often, all of the time, it will be much harder for them to remain in 1st. It's up to you, of course, but this might be a little fun along with all of the other stuff we do in CB. I am communicating this to my clan as well. Let's make a run at it- on an ongoing basis :) Obvious note: Only add them if you can beat them on the 1st fight. Feedback is appreciated.

Mythology March 1 2005 11:57 PM EST

I'm a bit embarased to be honest, I wish I'd not posted feelings etc and just gone to bed pissed off. I feel I'm sorry Todd it's very easy to say once you've been pointed out after the fact that you're sorry and that didn't mean it in the way I took it.

There's two ways to see this,
1) A personal attack on me because you got annoyed about my posts in honest jest about SoV v Hellfire. When I read :
"I think a lot of you had the same concerns I did - Myth will just get all puffed up that we are focusing on him since being the #1 clan is all he has. "
I'm not really sure how you can say this was not personal, but if it wasn't then I was probably a bit "time of the month" kind of frame of mind.

2) This was not personal and was just an attack on SoV. If this is so then it's still pretty low, in CB1 you often used to pay bounty hunters to take down Valinor (evidently not as much as Di) but to be honest I can't recall a single time I've sought out outside help in the wars, maybe I am wrong.

Whichever it was I think it's pretty below the belt and not sporting in the slightest.

QBsutekh137 March 2 2005 12:07 AM EST

Myth, clans are not "sporting". They never have been.

Todd apologized. This was in no way personal. SoV is not the Center of the Universe. There is a difference between really being the center and merely being a target. I will say it again: homage, dominance, Top Spot. You are at the top. You will be singled out. Furthermore, you have singled YOURSELF out in the past. So there it is.

On an alternate route, you could just embrace the facts that clans are kinda dumb in general. I thought that since day one, but Jon got tired of hearing it about two weeks after, so I stopped. *smile* This is Clan World.


madmax3 March 2 2005 5:18 AM EST

oo, the Interdrama is strong in here.

Todd March 2 2005 5:54 AM EST

Drama is right. Too much drama Myth.

If you think targeting the top clan is unsporting, uncool, mean-spirited, or whatever, then I guess this is where we differ.

AdminG Beee March 2 2005 6:13 AM EST

My 8yr old and 5 yr old girls have conversations very like the content on this thread all the time.
"She did this, she did that, she's a big fat poo poo head..."

Other than the fact you guys are occasionally using bigger words, this thread is just as pointless as my daughters "discussions".

Why don't you both have an ice cream and go watch TV for little while.

RIPsalt3d March 2 2005 6:24 AM EST

But daaaad... he IS a big fat poo poo head!!! :)

AdminShade March 2 2005 6:45 AM EST

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