Broadband Usage: Advice wanted (in Off-topic)

AdminG Beee March 10 2005 9:13 AM EST

Currently I'm using broadband with a speed of 0.512Mbps from the original deal I set up with my ISP 2 years ago.

Today I received word from them that they are upgrading my connection speed to 1Mbps at no extra cost. I have, and will continue to have, unlimited download/upload capability.
My ISP have also offered me an alternative package whereupon I can upgrade to 2Mbps for no extra cost but have to agree to a capped limit of 5GB downloading per month. I can increase this to 15GB if I'm prepared to increase my monthly subscription - I don't want to do that tho.

The trouble I have is that I have no idea what my monthly usage currently is atm.

Playing games such as CB and simple web surfing wouldn't make a dent in the 5GB allowance much I would image, but what about playing 3D graphic heavy games such as for example ?

Can anyone advise where I can find a stand alone "broadband usage meter" ?

My dilemma is whether to stick at 1Mbps with unlimited download/upload or go for the 2Mbps with a 5GB monthly capacity.

QBsutekh137 March 10 2005 9:21 AM EST


That was just a Google search...not sure what is good or what works.

A 3D game does not mean you are downloading all that much more. DOOM used to run fine networked over a 28000 baud serial line. Only coordinates and such are transmitted -- your client machine is doing the heavy lifting.

I don't like limits at all, and 1 Mbps has always been plenty. I am catching up on Battlestar Galactica torrents at the moment, and 5 GB would get eaten up pretty quickly... Just one man's opinion...

AdminJonathan March 10 2005 10:25 AM EST

I'd take the uncapped plan... You won't notice the difference between 1 and 2 Mbps when browsing; latency is going to be a bigger factor and I doubt you'd get better latency with more bandwidth. And caps suck.

Bubo [DTC of Bubo] March 10 2005 10:30 AM EST

*tries to imagine life on a 5GB per month plan*


Man, before I moved in with my in-laws (our new home only has a couple more weeks of repairs before we can move in!) where there isn't even ISDN, I lived in the middle of Houston and enjoyed a 2MB/sec cable modem. *grumble*stupid DSL went to 6MB/sec in the area a week before I moved*grumble* While I enjoyed my 2MB/sec connection, I averaged 35-40GB per month! 5GB, or even 15GB, would have driven me insane!

Reebok March 10 2005 1:21 PM EST

I have to constantly flush junk from my hard, with all the concerts I download I could go through 5 gig in a day. If you are anything like me, go for the uncapped.

Steve G March 10 2005 1:28 PM EST

i personally dont think i could live on only 5Gig a month, 1mb line is more then you should require, specially if youve already gotten this far with half as much

Duke March 12 2005 2:22 PM EST

broadband with a speed of 0.512Mbps

sound like a big dial up to me

Chargerz-Back March 12 2005 3:24 PM EST

/me hugs his 3 mb downstream cable

Xiaz on Hiatus March 12 2005 8:31 PM EST

I would've thought your ISP would provide a "Usage Meter" of some sort. No?
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