Rapidly Rising Scores (in General)

Chocolate Thunder March 10 2005 6:00 PM EST

Am I nuts, or have scores skyrocketed the past day or two? At least the scores on the first page of scores, seem to be. Every graph I look at today seems to show a large upslope during the past 24-48 hours (spid, falcon, myself, fear). (Note: I'm not complaining, my rewards are fabulous :) )

GnuUzir March 10 2005 6:02 PM EST

Went from 20k over to 200k over...

I bought a bigger Tat, but still makes me wonder...

Not that I am complaining ;-)

QBJohnnywas March 10 2005 6:02 PM EST

Mine has gone up massive amounts this week and so have all my favourites list. Again - no complaints! =)

CT [Monopoly] March 10 2005 6:08 PM EST

I saw it the first day after Jon changed the Tattoo experience thing. No complaining here (heh). It seems even my farms have gone up a considerable amount; My main went up 60k :)

Gothar March 10 2005 6:10 PM EST

Mine went up about 70k as well. My rewards dont seem much better though :( ah well I can live with that!

QBJohnnywas March 10 2005 6:10 PM EST

They also seem more stable - I used to drop in score more rapidly too when I was being farmed. No more. =)

Chargerz-Back March 10 2005 6:39 PM EST

in the past 36 hours my score has jumped 70k and my rewards are a lot better. not to mention my fightlist seems easier to beat now.

QBRanger March 10 2005 6:58 PM EST

yes, ive noticed it also. Instead of getting about 25 points per win, now im getting 90.

Tribute March 10 2005 8:25 PM EST

yup me too because of the tat renting nerf!

Duke March 10 2005 10:51 PM EST

My own score is now totaly out of control

PR 105K TOJ 115K (oversize TOJ)

Score 220K and keep increasing by 10K each hour.I get farm by ppl with 200k of PR.The strongest person that i can beat have 190K of score my score increase about 4 time faster that him.

Quark March 11 2005 10:01 AM EST

It may be partially due to reduced farming, but likely mostly due to the changed fight rewards structure as the scores normalize for including your Tat in the calculation.
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