What are your fight rewards? (in General)

Todd March 18 2005 6:18 AM EST

Inquiring minds want to know. In order for this to be meaningful, I need the following information that will take you I'd say at least 20 fights to figure out.

What are the cash rewards you get for winning a fight?

Do this: Fight about 20 (more if you can) fights that you win. Record the highest amount of cash, also, record the lowest cash you receive. I'm not interested in experience since that should tie closely with cash, and the different minions will muddy the waters for what I am wanting to see.

Then, post your Power Rating, and what your cash range is. Pleeeeeease?

Thanks in advance!

Todd March 18 2005 6:21 AM EST


PR: 212,000
Low: $84
High: $227

Yes, I know the range is greatly dependant upon the makeup of your fight list. IF you fight all over the map like Chet does in order to finish his BA in 5 minutes, your range will be a lot wider than someone who has 4-5 people on his list.

Part-time Barman March 18 2005 6:24 AM EST

Power Rating: 98,879

High: $147
Low: $74

Sedecim March 18 2005 6:32 AM EST

I fought about 40 people in a broad score range. If you want more specific data, feel free to ask...

PR: 223396
High: $211
Low: $65

Rubberduck[T] [Hell Blenders] March 18 2005 6:35 AM EST

pr 70k

high 156$
low 70$

this is my current 3 point clan list and has more lows than highs
I can get upwards of 200 when I slip in some non 3 pointers

QBJohnnywas March 18 2005 6:35 AM EST

24 fights

pr 91247

lowest $54
highest $196

QBRanger March 18 2005 6:37 AM EST

Have not done it yet, but we need one more piece of info, the amount of minions you have.

QBJohnnywas March 18 2005 6:38 AM EST

If that's the case - repost:

4 minions

24 fights

pr 91247

lowest $54
highest $196

RIPsalt3d March 18 2005 6:44 AM EST

Low: $61
High: $213

Todd March 18 2005 7:54 AM EST

Those with 4 minions receive slightly more over all experience than those with 1 minion, are you saying this is the same with cash?

I did not know that, if it's true. Anyways, the difference is mininal.

One thing I did forget to ask.. Clan bonuses. Please post your current clan bonus. Mine was 14.4%

AdminG Beee March 18 2005 8:20 AM EST

PR: 196,420
Low: $67
High: $203

Clan Bonus: <sigh> Zero

12 users on my fight list that are all in score range and giving 3 point rewards. Not quite optimum but somewhere in-between.

QBsutekh137 March 18 2005 9:16 AM EST

Todd, my range is almost exactly like yours, maybe a hair higher on the high end. I rarely see 80s, even with fighting "all over the board".

My PR is around 315K.

QBsutekh137 March 18 2005 9:21 AM EST

Ranger, I am betting the multi-minion advantage is so tiny as to be imperceptible unless you are going to report an average of 1000 fights or so. Showing a range will definitely not help, and as far as I can tell, the difference is fairly small.

Steve has always had 4 minions, and been in a clan with rewards ranging from 12-15%. I have always had 2 minions, and been in a clan (historically) around 7-10%. It is apparent we both fight about the same amount, plus he gets (at least used to) a great deal more wins from other people attacking him (a rare, nay freak, occurance for me). He was barely pulling away from me in minion PR back when I used to check more closely. So, either the Top Ten scheme is harsh on him, or the minion-difference is very tiny. Actually, I am in the Top Ten a fair amount, so even that is not a factor.

GnuUzir March 18 2005 12:47 PM EST

PR 325K (4 Minion)

Clan Bonus 10-12%

High: $220
Low: $80

Eternal March 18 2005 12:53 PM EST

PR 186k
Bonus 8-13%
High: 214
Low: 95

QBRanger March 18 2005 1:54 PM EST

PR 256k-score 423k
4 minions
clan bonus 15%
90 low
256 high
lots of 192's

Chargerz-Back March 18 2005 2:12 PM EST

PR 122k

Fights 20

3 Minions

Clan Bonus 1.7%

High : 160

Low : 53

Wolvie March 18 2005 2:54 PM EST

PR: 125,313
1 minion

27 fights
High: $158
Low: $45
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