New supporter item: Mage Shield (in Changelog)

AdminJonathan March 19 2005 10:24 PM EST

Those of you who have checked meta-stats already know that this is a shield that protects against mages, not a shield for mages to equip. Those of you who haven't should probably do so to see what it does. :)

The MgS shows up under the new Power Shield category. The only difference between a PS and a normal shield is that Power Shields cannot be equipped at the same time [edit: that is, on the same Minion] as a tattoo. No more PS will be added this month.

MgS absorbs up to 2k points of damage per enchantment level. This is applied AC/protection/endurance. (CBF reduction is applied AFTER these.) MgS reduction is capped at 40% of the damage dealt.

Cost to enchant the MgS is nonlinear; +30 is probably a reasonable range for the top players right now if they want to spend the money. Few if any could afford +40.

Sevare March 19 2005 10:29 PM EST

Ok this is probably a stupid question but, the supporter page says the minion cant have this and a tattoo equiped, and you say power shields cannot be eqipped at the same time as a tattoo. Obviously the same minion cant have both, but can a team have both?

Also, is this availiable to those that are supporters already for $5?

LumpBot March 19 2005 10:32 PM EST

Awesome, so how do we get our hands on one?

Duke March 19 2005 10:38 PM EST

Does it give any penality on dex or magic.

QBRanger March 19 2005 10:39 PM EST

It gives the worst possible penality to magic. It negates all spells on wearer.

Jason Bourne March 19 2005 10:40 PM EST

mages are now officially screwed :D ....oh wait, thats me...

LaBelle286 March 19 2005 10:43 PM EST

So now higher levels will gian more of a upper hand in the fights... Trying my hardest to level up, but gonna take some time now.. My mage only hits top 6k per person, and with the shield, 2k thats only 4k a hit now.. :(

~says goodbye to the high levels as he falls back to the low ranks~

Todd March 19 2005 10:45 PM EST

So.. the only ones who can wear these:

1. Enchanters
2. Tanks without tattoos

I don't get it.

Sevare March 19 2005 10:46 PM EST

well it only stops up to 40% of the DD damage dealt, if a DD mage is doing their job right thats still quite a bit of damage going through.

LumpBot March 19 2005 10:47 PM EST

So are spells all enchantments and DD or what?

Fishead March 19 2005 10:47 PM EST

Damn! got so excited I burnt my french fries!

QBRanger March 19 2005 10:47 PM EST


Enchanters cannot wear them, they negate all learned spells as per description.

Sevare March 19 2005 10:47 PM EST

Hmm maybe *is hoping* he forgot to mention it doesnt give a UC penilty Todd so its like the UC minions new best friend...well most likely not, but cant hurt to dream.

Fishead March 19 2005 10:49 PM EST

John. sent $, but neglected to put my username in the email, put mage shield in the subject, came from account. Sorry, I got excited, please sent to fishead. Thanks.

Sevare March 19 2005 10:56 PM EST

oh and is it unforgeable like the Cloak of Balrog Flame or can this actually be forged up? just wondering since the description doesn't say like the CoBFs does...

QBsutekh137 March 19 2005 10:59 PM EST

Jon, I know another post said a flat out "no" to providing the warning of tattoo removal when equipping items that force-remove it.

But now we have another family of items (there will be more I assume) called Power Shields that will un-slot a tattoo, bringing about the 1% level loss.

Coming from a guy who had never played "musical tattoos" in the first place (and cannot even see the reason for doing so), this is sort of absurd. I don't care if the penalty were only one-tenth of a percent -- I shouldn't have to keep a post-it note by my computer listing all the things I need to be careful of in order not to degrade my tattoo. You have essentially forced us to use tattoos (you have said as much in your forum postings), then added the 1% loss, and have now added another item where equipping it will cause the loss. All without warning.

This isn't a "stupidity tax" any more. These are things we shouldn't have to devote brain power to if we want to have anything left for tactics, helping others, and just plain having fun. Can we get the warning added for force-removal of tattoos? Please? Let me know the cost and I'll go halfsies with you.

LaBelle286 March 19 2005 11:04 PM EST

I've noticed in the 'items', that more things are against magic and mages then for them. Maybe adding a few 'capes' or 'armors' that are cheap and help out mages would be a little more likeable.

'Mage Cape' [3] 3% gain in magic attack. can buy in store for 50k

but then again, that why we call it an 'idea'... lol

Duke March 19 2005 11:07 PM EST

I just see that as a Mage killer.1 only 1 mage shield should be allow per team like tat.

Sevare March 19 2005 11:08 PM EST

for most mage items (especially weapons) id point you to the FAQ>FORS...but basicly, mages=exp tanks=money. There are mage items out there, they just are not cheap which isn't a flaw, its a design feature.

CT [Monopoly] March 19 2005 11:10 PM EST

Not a great item for my setup. Not sure what strategy it would benefit :/

QBsutekh137 March 19 2005 11:12 PM EST

Duke, looking at the restristions on this item, few teams would have more than one. Here are the applications:

- On a tank, pure tank, nothing but a tank.
- On a "wall" minion. Imagine a minion with a mage shield, CBF, and all training going into HP. Wait, why imagine...ranger probably already has this going on. *smile*

Those scenarios are somewhat limiting. No one is going to have 4 of these things, because then what would they be doing for offense and for enchantments?

CT [Monopoly] March 19 2005 11:13 PM EST

Actually, I take it back. Strategies such as Majestik_Moose's character HypnoToad will benefit a lot from this item because they just have a giant HP absorber. I'm curious to see how much of an effect it will have.

QBRanger March 19 2005 11:18 PM EST

I agree with CT and Chet. Its a very specific item that only certain characters can use given its restrictions.

However, its ideal for my setup as well as HypnoToads.

Relic March 19 2005 11:19 PM EST

Is there an ETA on when these will start to be handed out? Just curious. Itching to try it out. :)

Relic March 19 2005 11:23 PM EST

Hmm, so the MS negates skills, enchantments and DD spells? Only use is HUGE AC minions with no skills that act as meat shields?

QBsutekh137 March 19 2005 11:24 PM EST

Yes, teams like Hypno and ranger's can probably use a couple, but remember folks, this item has non-linear upgrade costs... It won't be quite like the constant rate on the CBF (still trying to figure out why those are that way, but oh well...)

AdminJonathan March 20 2005 12:12 AM EST

Very well. Your home page is now agog with popups if you try to do anything that even hints of tattoo unequippage. (I exaggerate. A little.)

Fishead March 20 2005 12:15 AM EST

I don't think the MS negates skills, just spells and enchantments.

[FireBreathing]Chicken March 20 2005 12:17 AM EST

Chet- in CB, supporter items are kept non-uber, meaning you don't need supporter item to be a top player. With a cap on effectiveness somewhere out there, *waves hand at the dark void* I think this is a great supporter item.

Jason Bourne March 20 2005 12:43 AM EST

lol jon, thats cool....good quote :D

[FireBreathing]Chicken March 20 2005 12:43 AM EST

where does it say that skills won't work with MgS?

[FireBreathing]Chicken March 20 2005 12:49 AM EST

The cap is very, very far off. a +30 MgS would be 60k damage reduction. You would need go up against minions that deal 150k spell damage before further upgrades were necessary on the MgS.

[FireBreathing]Chicken March 20 2005 12:56 AM EST

Factor in the fact that AMF usually kicks out about 30% of the spell, and, you'll need a Magic Missle that does 214,000 damage.

Considering its a CoC or FB, and you got 4 minions and a ToJ, the spell would need to deal over 1,071,000 points of damage before you need to upgrade you're MgS past 30. ;)

But remember, its still just a 60k damage reduction.

[FireBreathing]Chicken March 20 2005 12:57 AM EST

sorry for all the posts. My thoughts tend to come to me in small, messy fragments -_-

Myonax March 20 2005 1:31 AM EST

Dampening Shield > Name

InebriatedArsonist March 20 2005 1:43 AM EST

Factor in the fact that AMF usually kicks out about 30% of the spell, and, you'll need a Magic Missle that does 214,000 damage. Considering its a CoC or FB, and you got 4 minions and a ToJ, the spell would need to deal over 1,071,000 points of damage before you need to upgrade you're MgS past 30. ;) But remember, its still just a 60k damage reduction.

-And people complained about the CBF? Whatever happened to the complaints against negating an entire strategy?

Duke March 20 2005 1:55 AM EST

Make the math guy it largely overkill.

AMF easy 25% reduce
AC 10 to 25%
endurance if he got a ToE
mage shield easy 40% on FB CoC

Fishead March 20 2005 1:56 AM EST

Don't worry, it will get nerfed soon enough:)

Duke March 20 2005 2:14 AM EST

there is no real penality.You cannot cast DD with it or ench.

1 on ench we dont care they are just meat
2 that hurt mage a lot and mage cannot use the same item
3 it like the TAT it take some armor slot so what most put it on the ench so there no loss on the main char either is a tank or mage.
4 All shield have penality on Dex and big one if you with 2 handed weapon and bow.Mage shield have none

What prevent a player to put a CoBF and a mage shield on his tank and a dumm ench just to hold a ToE or ToJ.Cb2 just get a step closer from the single tank killing machine of CB1.Tank were king there and most of the last change have help tank.

Sevare March 20 2005 2:15 AM EST

ac 10 25%? uh i thought it was like .21% per point of ac 10 would be 2.1% wouldnt it?

BrandonLP March 20 2005 2:22 AM EST

Aside from agreeing with Sevare on the mechanical portion of the game, Duke, please use sentences that actually make sense. Maybe I expect too much out of people, but most of that reads like jibberish to me.

Duke March 20 2005 2:23 AM EST

10% to 25%

i allready have 109 ac on a mage so it not so hard

miteke [Superheros] March 20 2005 2:28 AM EST

Does "Negates trained spells" mean it prohibits the wearer from casting spells on other chars, or does it mean that any spell cast on him is negated, or both?

In particular, would it stop my tank from casting AMS?

Sevare March 20 2005 2:33 AM EST

Personally i think those that are complaining should give it a couple days, id hate to see an item nerfed into oblivion like the IAs were

chernobyl March 20 2005 3:13 AM EST

All I can say is, hooray for the popup fix.

Duke March 20 2005 3:48 AM EST

put all DD and ench at 0

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] March 20 2005 4:24 AM EST

:) I like the idea, and have put my order in for one, but it means another retrain for me.

This new shield has just relegated FB to the subs bench. The minion this will mostly be used on will be a CBF one, they are just so complemetary to each other. Add a second minion with AMF and your Mage is hit by a AMF reduction to effect, then a direct absorb of damage. If you're a FB mage, you also suffer from more of a direct absorb. Plus your damage is lowered anyway by being split over multiple minions...

Oh well! ;) Time I went back to MM and got myself a second minion...

QBJohnnywas March 20 2005 7:31 AM EST

Mmm, nobody has passed comment on one point of Jon's post:

"No more PS will be added this month."

What other Power Shields have we got on the way?

One of the guys on my fight list equipped one and I can't beat him in one battle now like I could with one of the larger CoC's in the game. Not sure I like that....

AdminShade March 20 2005 8:55 AM EST

that all young (and less young) grasshoppers is just something that time will tell...

CT [Monopoly] March 20 2005 11:04 AM EST

Has anyone put on the Mage Shield with UC. What is the effect?

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] March 20 2005 4:33 PM EST

Sorry Jon, just realised I don't understand the second sentence of;

"MgS absorbs up to 2k points of damage per enchantment level. This is applied AC/protection/endurance."

When is the MgS absorption applied?

Xenko March 20 2005 4:51 PM EST

I think he meant to say "before" as his CBF example says "after".

Xiaz on Hiatus March 20 2005 5:53 PM EST

I thought this was some sort of early April Fool's prank. w00t!

Frod March 20 2005 10:16 PM EST

The Mage Shield dropped my UC by a good bit; however, it doesn't appear to have an effect on Archery.

Cossadinha March 20 2005 11:08 PM EST

Can you or can you not wear a tattoo and a power shield on the same minion?

Sevare March 20 2005 11:17 PM EST

same team yes, same minion no

Part-time Barman March 21 2005 7:32 AM EST

On my battles it seems to protect against FB, but MM still hits straightaway, even though it protects against FB in later rounds also.

Does it not work with MM?

Part-time Barman March 21 2005 7:37 AM EST

Tried a few other battles with MM only chars.
No protection at all, even from first round of MM.

Should this be called a FB Shield rather than Mage Shield,
or is this a bug?

Bolfen March 21 2005 1:21 PM EST

NRH, try it against my House Stark char--then you'd be testing out CoC and Decay ;)

AdminShade March 21 2005 3:39 PM EST

test it when wearing it and without.

it absorbs some of the damage up to a maximum of 40%...

Bolfen March 23 2005 10:16 AM EST

From my testing, the Mage Shield is useless against Decay.

Which is apropos, as Decay is not supposed to be affected by armor.

That said, Decay is becoming less effective by the week. I've got the biggest Decay in the game, but I'm about to switch back to CoC or MM soon.

miteke [Superheros] March 23 2005 10:21 AM EST

To answer my own question I posted a long time ago, the Mage Shield prevents the wielder form casting any trained spells. Thus the same minion may not wield the MS and cast AMS. Bummer - there goes a fine strategy down the drain.

Manta March 24 2005 10:10 AM EST

Does the mage shield give some malus if equipped with a bow or a 2 handed weapon?

Davie March 28 2005 7:04 PM EST

Can you equip a shield and a mage shield at the same time?

CooperTX March 28 2005 7:10 PM EST

Not on the same minion...
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