HELP: or rather what is going on with the server (in General)

QBRanger April 2 2005 1:12 PM EST

Thing are down. Help.

Davie April 2 2005 1:14 PM EST

Heheh i know, i keep getting the "server error" message and "Didn't i tell you it was rude to fight more than one person at a time?" I hope Jon fixes it soon!!

AdminShade April 2 2005 1:15 PM EST

renamed thread to be more appropriate rather than just 'help' because it could mean anything.

but indeed cb itself and many things on it are randomly going up and down :S

QBRanger April 2 2005 1:16 PM EST

Yep, some people seem to be able to fight, others cannot. Training gives the same problems.

Revs April 2 2005 1:16 PM EST

Server Error
The requested URL cannot be accessed due to a system error on this server.
AOLserver/4.0.9b on

- is the error i'm getting in fighting/forging or w/e. Its the evil AOL i tell you!

Maelstrom April 2 2005 1:30 PM EST

Heh, when everything was down, I thought it might have been the April Fool's rollback of the server that people were joking about! Nice to see most things are back to normal.

miteke [Superheros] April 2 2005 1:30 PM EST

I am stuck unable to forge after lending all my weapons out for forging. I cant get it to take the last quench on a forge. And I cannot access any of my other characters either. It's a real mess.

Admin{CB1}Slayer333 [SHIELD] April 2 2005 1:32 PM EST

mitke, i have the same problem, cant get the last quench >.<

AdminShade April 2 2005 1:34 PM EST

from Jonathan: fixing stuff

AdminJonathan April 2 2005 1:37 PM EST

The root partition of the server filled up (I should have been paying better attention) due mostly to the increasing amount of space taken up by cb1 + cb2 database backups. (I keep a full month's worth of backups, just in case.) These are on a different partition now and things should be fixed.

AdminShade April 2 2005 1:38 PM EST

thanks :)

AdminShade April 2 2005 1:42 PM EST

thing broke: characters don't revive themselves anymore so i can't fight.

[edit: fixed aparently]

smallpau1 - Go Blues [Lower My Fees] April 2 2005 2:12 PM EST

lol, i fought for the 10 minutes it seemed normal then got a botcheck that didnt load....heh.

Duke April 3 2005 6:35 AM EDT

I was not even able to log most of saterday.

Little server upgrade soon.
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