Vampiric Aura Question (in General)

Chargerz-Back April 18 2005 9:33 PM EDT

ok, on family guy i want to add VA. what level should it be to get a good effect?

i do around 20k dmg with my ELS based on the amount of AC i go up against.

slurpz April 18 2005 9:34 PM EDT

train VA up to MPB for maximum effect
train VA up to average melee damage for max exp efficiency

Chargerz-Back April 18 2005 9:35 PM EDT

ok, anyone else have something?

QBRanger April 18 2005 10:27 PM EDT

slurpz said it better than anyone ever could.

QBsutekh137 April 18 2005 10:36 PM EDT

Addendum: Don't bother training VA unless you can make it enough that you go negative (can happen).

Other than that, yep, slurpz has you covered.

bartjan April 19 2005 12:24 AM EDT

Unless your MPB comes from your ranged weapon ;)

Chargerz-Back April 19 2005 12:36 AM EDT

my ranged and melee are about the same right now.

[Redneck RV] Truc April 19 2005 12:51 AM EDT

What bartjan was hinting at is that MPB's from ranged tend to be misleading for the VA "rule-of-thumb" because of the temporary/defensive use of uber-ammo.

[FireBreathing]Chicken April 19 2005 1:21 AM EDT

its debatable since there is dispell in play now.

Sukotto [lookingglas] April 20 2005 4:46 PM EDT

Chet, would you please clarify what you mean by "going negative"?

QBsutekh137 April 20 2005 4:51 PM EDT

Very low VA levels have made people get negative returns, I believe. As in negative numbers. The solution presented has always been "train it higher". I have no idea, really, since it has never happened to me.
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