NEW: Shade's All About CB Site (in General)

AdminShade April 22 2005 12:43 PM EDT

Shade's All About CB Site -- Newbie guide to Carnage Blender items and quick referrence guide for Veterans.

In this site / page i will put all the best forging formulae along with a (hopefully one day) full detailed list of heating times also.

It also contained statistics of the base damage of each weapon and additional helpful special stats.

The page could be a bit a mess atm but i will make it better to look at.
also it is best viewed at a resolution of at least 1024*768

GnuUzir April 22 2005 12:46 PM EDT

Very nice sir, thanks for you continuing valued input to the community :)

mchaos April 22 2005 12:49 PM EDT

very useful table, but where did the forging times for unforgable items come from?

AdminShade April 22 2005 1:02 PM EDT

as i said, i need to do some additional updating :) some items cannot be forged and that will be changed in the guide.

Maelstrom April 22 2005 1:09 PM EDT

What are the links on the weapon names supposed to lead to?

Admin{CB1}Slayer333 [SHIELD] April 23 2005 8:19 AM EDT

couple suggestions/fixes

Lucerne Hammer

x281-handed---needs a space between the 28 and the 1 :P

you could possibly put in a column saying whether or not the item is generally "worth" forging, so newer forgers starting out wouldn't be forging daggers to massive sizes ; )

AdminShade April 23 2005 8:32 AM EDT

the links will link to a table in which i put the entire forging cycle in detail so if you lost track of heating / quenching time you can check there and continue without losing BA :)

48Zach April 23 2005 11:46 AM EDT

here are the forge times you didnt know/missed :)

A Katana : Base Damage 74 ; 1 handed ; forge formula for x[100,22] +[80,25]

A Tulwar ; Base Damage 18 ; 1 handed ; forge formula for x[80,16] +[60,19]

A Composite bow ; Base Damage 4 ; forge formula for x[82,17] +[65,20]

A Sling ; Base Damage 1 ; forge formula for x[30,6:10] +[25(+1 extra quench),6]

A Soft Leather Armor ; Base AC 4 ; forge formula [65,14] ; no penalties

A Leather Scale Mail ; Base AC 9 ; forge formula [85,17] ; Magic Penalty -3% ; Dex Penalty -2%

A Ring Mail ; Base AC 11 ; forge formula [100,20] ; Magic Penalty -8% ; Dex Penalty -5%

A Chain Mail ; Base AC 14 ; forge formula [100,20] ; Magic Penalty -6% ; Dex Penalty -4%

A Banded Mail ; Base AC 16 ; forge formula [110,25] ; Magic Penalty -8% ; Dex Penalty -5%

A Steel Brigandine ; Base AC 18 ; forge formula [95,16] ; Magic Penalty -3% ; Dex Penalty -2%

A Steel Breastplate ; Base AC 21 ; forge formula [95,16] ; Magic Penalty -11% ; Dex Penalty -8%

A Trollskin Armour ; Base AC 22 ; forge formula [120,24] ; Magic Penalty -8% ; Dex Penalty -2% ; Strenght Bonus +10% ; Grants Bloodlust

A Double Chain Mail ; Base AC 24 ; forge formula [170,35] ; Magic Penalty -15% ; Dex Penalty -20%

A Steel Cuirass ; Base AC 25 ; forge formula [140,30] ; Magic Penalty -10% ; Dex Penalty -8%

A Fluted Steel Cuirass ; Base AC 29 ; forge formula [120,22] ; Magic Penalty -10% ; Dex Penalty -8%

Set of Greaves ; Base AC 3 ; forge formula [35,7] ; Magic Penalty -2% ; Dex Penalty -2%

A Pair of Leather Guantlets ; Base AC 2 ; forge formula [25(+1 extra quench),4] ; Magic Penalty 0% ; Dex Penalty -1%

A Heaume ; Base AC 5 ; forge formula [32,5] ; Magic Penalty -6% ; Dex Penalty -4%

A Small Wooden Shield ; Base AC 4 ; forge formula [55,12] ; Magic Penalty -2% ; Dex Penalty -1%

Holy man , that took me about 2-30 minutes to type up im guessing , thats the longest post ive ever posted and probally will ever post :) hope you get ur page done!!!!

slurpz April 23 2005 11:47 AM EDT

nice get the full forging page of each one :P

48Zach April 23 2005 11:53 AM EDT

took me 40 minutes or more to type it , because i got like 4 or 5 BA refreshes , lol , ill try and get some of the BA per cycles if i can

CBMan11 April 23 2005 1:18 PM EDT

What are all the items listed on the bottom?

AdminShade April 23 2005 2:56 PM EDT

the items listed on the bottom will contain a full forging log.

48Zach April 23 2005 3:04 PM EDT

will all the items , including armour be containing a full forging log?? or just the ones listed?

chernobyl April 23 2005 6:11 PM EDT

Hey, Shade, great work! Noticed a bitty glitch though.
In CB2, the Katana and Claymore switched identities. This caused a bit of confusion but it was eventually figured out in Stump's forums. Their forge times are appropriately switched as well; I have a Katana listing of x[100, 25] +[80, 25] which has worked superbly for me. Haven't played with a Claymore, though.

[-war-] April 23 2005 6:42 PM EDT

Chernobyl, 25 works? I thought on katana it should be 22. Shade are you doing the list for cb2 or cb1, it looks like thats cb1 cycles. And what about this site isn't that better.

AdminShade April 23 2005 9:33 PM EDT

as i said there are some things that need to be fixed, i put in very early CB1 data and will check tomorrow or monday for the rest of the information as well as doing some other updates.

AdminShade April 25 2005 3:22 PM EDT

updated it all with Zachs information and some of my own :)

AdminShade April 25 2005 4:12 PM EDT

reminder for me :

<{Forger}-Wasp> you should make it so you have the list of items, then you click the item you want, then he page comes up with the forge log for it, the times and any other info on that item
=> {Forger}-Wasp a log page for each item then?
<{Forger}-Wasp> erm
<{Forger}-Wasp> you got 1 blanc empty page, with a list of items on it
<{Forger}-Wasp> then when you click the item you want, all the info comes up on it
=> {Forger}-Wasp hmmm, im not that proficient with html :)
=> {Forger}-Wasp i could make a base page with the tables
=> {Forger}-Wasp and then at a click that it goes to another page and that that one has a home
=> {Forger}-Wasp i'd have to make a lot of pages though but that wouldnt bug me
=> {Forger}-Wasp but you mean a page to pop up dont you?
=> {Forger}-Wasp main => click on item name => popup with item info
<{Forger}-Wasp> no not a pop up page
<{Forger}-Wasp> well u could do a popup page, or code them so that you cna press a giant arrow and it go back to the main page
<{Forger}-Wasp> im pretty basic with html (i use front page) but i can get there eventually
=> {Forger}-Wasp i use dreamweaver
<{Forger}-Wasp> htats a nice programe
=> {Forger}-Wasp ^_^
<{Forger}-Wasp> but i prefer simple old front page
=> {Forger}-Wasp i can make it so that i have a button on the "extended item stats page"
=> {Forger}-Wasp and that that page links back to the top of the main page
<{Forger}-Wasp> aye
<{Forger}-Wasp> stuff like that makes websites look neater and more pro

{CB1}[umk]Fangs April 26 2005 10:16 PM EDT

you know, this is a little like mine.. except for some additional info...
maybe we should combine them or something

I wonder why mine never made it to community pages lol

AdminShade May 1 2005 9:06 AM EDT

updated some more things AND added a counter ;) (which i should have done way sooner)

LumpBot May 7 2005 8:26 AM EDT

I found a much better Elven Long Bow forging formula, I'll post here so you can make the change.

Rough progress meter: 65.719%
Heat 70
Cast Viscous
Cool to the touch
Heat 17:30 and Temper
Cool and done
Rough progress meter: 67.754%

Rough progress meter: 67.754%
Cast Viscous
Cool to the touch
Heat 16:30 and temper

So over all in Tempers

First 17:30- 1.271 increase
My Formula 16:30- 1.526

Doesn't look like much but when youÂ’re gaining 2% per cycle it really adds up.

AdminShade May 7 2005 8:46 AM EDT

15:30 (as in my site) and 16:00 are the same sweet spots i haven't included 17:30 in the site...

LumpBot May 7 2005 9:01 AM EDT

Then I guess nevermind, I'm not quite sure where I figured that it was 17:30 in your post, maybe I've been forging to much lately =P

AdminShade May 11 2005 12:59 PM EDT

updated the site: changed address so you might run into a small error (its index.html now instead of SQRFT.html)

updated exbow, ELS and HoE as main items, will update more tomorrow

AdminShade May 11 2005 1:20 PM EDT

main changes so far:

changed melee weapons to be alphabetical
changed the way some things list (secondary pages)

AdminShade May 12 2005 9:08 AM EDT

updated 15 items, pretty much all recent item changed.

AdminShade May 12 2005 12:46 PM EDT

fixed few minor things :)

CooperTX May 12 2005 12:52 PM EDT

Mithril Shield takes you to the dreaded white screen, will check for more broken links:)

AdminShade May 12 2005 4:01 PM EDT

Cooper, it works just fine to be honest... :)

CooperTX May 12 2005 4:14 PM EDT

Now it works for me too, not sure what the problem was.:/

AdminShade May 12 2005 4:24 PM EDT

i think you caught me just before i updated, that link had a small error (MA instead of MS) :P

AdminShade May 14 2005 3:37 PM EDT

updated most recent BG and MgS changes. :)

AdminShade May 15 2005 8:42 AM EDT

fixed CoI error

AdminShade May 16 2005 7:19 PM EDT

inserted and already updated information about the new Vorpal Blade.

sweet spot forging formulae for both damage and to-hit
forge logs
some blacksmith upgrade prices (single point prices)

Duke May 17 2005 4:16 AM EDT

Shade is might be great to make a site that help making strat and some concept behind them.I can give most data curve breakpoint.

AdminShade May 17 2005 8:29 AM EDT

would be great to add that indeed :)


-added all 1-handed melee weapons & change the table to be slimmer
-moved BA use for forging to each items stats page.
-added additional shield penalties (1-hand / 2-hand / ranged penalties)

Manta May 17 2005 8:51 AM EDT

I found puzzling the explanation of how Morgul and BTh draining ability works: here it is.

Drains life for 20% of damage: If you do 10,000 damage, you can drain a maximum* of 2,000 HP from your target and add it to your own HP.

* The minimum is 20% of the current HP of the target, in other words if the minion/familiar you hit only has 100 life and you do 1000 damage you would still only drain 20 life.

I think that in the *note you meant that another maximum is 20% of the current HP of the target.

AdminShade May 17 2005 10:30 AM EDT

Manta: indeed confusing, the minimum i typed should have been a maximum.

changed Buckler of Mandos also, updated with forging logs + new formula

apparently Jonathan changed the formula from [ 125 , 25 ] to [ 115 , 22 ]

Thanks to Yohan for hinting me to the error :)

as for the VA issue: both Morgul Hammer and Blade of Thuringwethil are updated.

CooperTX May 17 2005 2:23 PM EDT

For Helm's Gauntlet's the bonus for UC per + is 1.5 UC added to the effect. In other words if you have a UC power of (12) and had +4 HG's you would increase your UC power to (18).

AdminShade May 17 2005 2:48 PM EDT

tnx cooper, updated

Chargerz-Back May 18 2005 12:26 AM EDT

got through about 20 posts and decided that was enough

Adam is [220,40(xtra quench)]

you forgot the extra quench.

AdminShade May 18 2005 5:49 AM EDT

will be updated next time :P

AdminShade May 23 2005 5:49 PM EDT

updated some things:

added hidden UC penalties
fixed Vorpal Blade blacksmith prices and added some more of them :)

will be filling in many spots of the other items later this week
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