what do you want in black market auctions (part 2) (in General)

AdminShade May 13 2005 7:50 AM EDT

please as before make 2 votes and 2 votes only (1 is also possible but 2 is max)

I just again want to know which items people would like to see in black market voting guide due to the new item changes.

I myself vote:

Morgul Hammer
Helm of Ecthelion.

[Banned]Monty May 13 2005 7:53 AM EDT

or ELB

WeaponX May 13 2005 8:32 AM EDT


Will [Retired] May 13 2005 8:52 AM EDT

Morgul Hammer

BrandonLP May 13 2005 8:53 AM EDT


Maelstrom May 13 2005 8:59 AM EDT


IndependenZ May 13 2005 10:28 AM EDT

Helm of Ecthelion

Arorrr May 13 2005 11:31 AM EDT

I want a Corn HoE !!!!

WeaponX May 13 2005 11:35 AM EDT

why would you want a Helm of Ecthelion in BM? there are ten there right now. i don't get it

Karmic Mishap [Soup Ream] May 14 2005 12:55 AM EDT

ELB and Gi.

BrandonLP May 14 2005 12:58 AM EDT

Maybe because I still don't have one?

Duke May 14 2005 1:01 AM EDT

MH or ElB

QBBast [Hidden Agenda] May 14 2005 1:03 AM EDT

CoBFs for everyone!

QBsutekh137 May 14 2005 1:14 AM EDT

Feel the burn.

[-war-] May 14 2005 7:45 AM EDT

we could use more adam armors, cheap nw upgrades :)

TheEvolution May 14 2005 8:30 AM EDT

Adam, CBF.

Nixon Jibfest May 14 2005 12:00 PM EDT


something for a tank and something for a mage would be nice

AdminShade May 17 2005 5:21 AM EDT

current wantings: 13 people voted

Morgul Hammer: 4
Helm of Ecthelion: 4
Elven Long Bow: 4
Cornuthaum: 4
Adamantite Cuirass: 3
Combat Gi: 1

QBBast [Hidden Agenda] May 17 2005 5:22 AM EDT

Put both my votes on Corn, please. No more CoBFs for everyone.

Will [Retired] May 17 2005 5:24 AM EDT

and change mine from corn, morg to corn, corn also :P
Too many morgs ATM!

maulaxe May 17 2005 6:05 AM EDT

anything that smaler people have a chance of winning a bid for.

Manta May 17 2005 8:36 AM EDT

Elbow, Morg.

ywnwraith May 17 2005 8:50 AM EDT

Morgul Hammer
Helm of Ecthelion
Elven Long Bow.

Chargerz-Back May 17 2005 8:58 AM EDT

/me slaps ywnwraith

Corn and HoE

Nixon Jibfest May 17 2005 9:53 AM EDT

I agree with Maulaxe about the BM. We should try to make it so it's not just for the elite players. I don't see why we should encourage people with < 50kPR to vote on items they 1) don't need, 2) can't win.

I'd hate to thing that the BMVG is just a tool for elite players, because i know that isn't the intent.

Nixon Jibfest May 17 2005 9:54 AM EDT


Karmic Mishap [Soup Ream] May 17 2005 10:43 AM EDT

Well, what can smaller people afford to win auctions on, really?

Items that aren't rare anymore, like kat and cb... :p

I guess it's back to the old credit game, eh? Anybody interested in making a loan?

AdminShade May 17 2005 10:47 AM EDT

Nixon, so what should we put in some more? Katanas / Compound Bow?

if the 'elite' community would help for this then i'd be up for it of course but the smaller people already get some katanas in the system almost every week

Manta May 17 2005 10:56 AM EDT

1) Buying base katanas is not a good idea: if you save a bit (or take a loan/pp) and buy one that has already been upgraded, you save a lot of money. Same thing goes for compound.
2) Do we really need to spawn HoE in this moment? There are already 10 in the auctions.
Maybe we should wait some weeks for them.

Maelstrom May 17 2005 11:01 AM EDT

Jibfest, back in CB1, I complained that the BMVG was pointless for new players, because they could never possibly afford the items they were supposed to vote for.

The response that I got is that, when a player with lots of money get a new item from the BM, they will probably not need whatever old item they were using. Thus a good non-rare item often becomes available for each rare item that spawns in the BM.

This might not be completely true in CB2, since people are still building up characters, and seem to hoard the decent items they get.

Anyway, what non-elite items should be spawned in the BM? No need for katanas or execs, since a number of those will be available once people finish upgrading their VBs. Besides, there always seems to be an excess of those in auctions.

Nixon Jibfest May 17 2005 11:09 AM EDT

i agree with you guys. i wasnt thinking katanas or execs but maybe MCMs, tulkas, ECs, shadows, .... things that dont cost $5-6M.

Nixon Jibfest May 17 2005 11:17 AM EDT

btw, i don't disagree with getting uber items in the BM. I would just encourage two separate items at a time. one for people with money and one for that lower PR players can vote for and hopefully win.

Maelstrom May 17 2005 11:19 AM EDT

Yes, Tulkas, EC, and SC would be useful. Maybe not MCM so much anymore...
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