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AdminG Beee May 17 2005 6:58 AM EDT


Q: Please add a score:power ratio stat
A: People who don't give the matter much thought might easily conclude that score:power ratio is a good measure of how effective a strategy is. However, there are several factors that skew this stat so much towards the low end that it would be entirely useless. Some of the more obvious such include high NW and decay.

Heh, I give it thought but perhaps my thought process isn't the best :/

I've always been kinda uncomfortable with PR being the "main stat" that people gauge themselves on. Is score:power ratio still a "bad" idea given the effects on score made by the May change month ?

QBRanger May 17 2005 4:52 PM EDT

Its very interesting the changes that occurred.

At least 2 of the FORS have been made moot by the newest changes.

Now that NW is part of the equation for PR a Score:PR stat would make perfect sense now.

In the FORS posted above, it does state that decay would skew said stat, but I dont feel that it's the case. A nice sized AMF ruins most decays which are at base level. And if you choose the DM pathway, its your choice of strat which needs to be figured in the new score:PR ratio statistic.

It seems that perhaps 2 of the FORS, that are number 4 and 13 need to be removed. Number 13 in the sense that while there are no "mage staves" there are items that boost your magic skills based on their +, analogous to x boosting damage on weapons.

Now, please do not think im again ragging on the NW/PR thing. Actually with some tweaks it may be a great thing for CB2.

Undertow May 17 2005 5:02 PM EDT

Your right.

This game should so say somewhere that it's it's in alpha testing though. I mean, this is a HUGE HUGE HUGE HUGE change. Any armor that isn't rare is pointless now.

Jason Bourne May 17 2005 5:02 PM EDT

it would be cool to see what set ups have the highest ratio, so we can see what they are doing right...

AdminShade May 17 2005 6:32 PM EDT

score : PR would make more sense now imo since a low PR can almost impossibly get a really high score anymore

looking at a single tank:
needs lots of high NW items and needs to be upgrading a lot ==> more NW = more PR.
so while gaining a higher Score the tank would also make more PR if he/she wants to or not.

looking at mage teams:
single mage: needs some sort of protection and additional power, that is done in a tattoo and / or in items. items now mostly need upgrading (Corn/Coi bonuses) and a tattoo would vastly also gain in NW.

enchanter mage combinations: they also need protection from AC or tattoo or else their power would not be high enough to make higher scores.

every strategy now somehow needs some NW to be at least half decent (or to rule cb2 :P for what it matters) so higher NW is higher PR.

in the old days you could get a huge weapon and rack up more score but now your PR will also increase hugely with that huge weapon. so to gain higher score your pr would also have to be higher.

(and yes there are strategies that can go without but they wont have a very high Score : PR ratio)

some examples (had to do it):

Top 10 scores:

The Apocalypse Book: Score / PR / MPR: / 794,124 / 642,816 / 398,840
Gyaxx: Score / PR / MPR: / 734,583 / 728,859 / 250,566
Jochumia: Score / PR / MPR: / 720,179 / 721,758 / 279,419
The First: Score / PR / MPR: / 672,078 / 542,754 / 406,754
Nardo Polo: Score / PR / MPR: / 570,669 / 533,105 / 345,045
Proteus II: Score / PR / MPR: / 563,401 / 470,966 / 304,014
Der Silberne Kuss: Score / PR / MPR: / 544,351 / 449,128 / 370,173
Bartlett: Score PR / MPR: / 544,146 / 569,752 / 390,101
Black Belt Jones: Score / PR / MPR: / 538,050 / 462,238 / 338,087
Magnus: Score / PR / MPR: / 505,000 / 642,907 / 196,105

this list with the score / PR calculation:

The First: 1,238273693
The Apocalypse Book: 1,235383065
Der Silberne Kuss: 1,212017509
Proteus II: 1,196266822
Black Belt Jones: 1,164010748
Nardo Polo: 1,070462667
Gyaxx: 1,007853371
Jochumia: 0,997812286
Bartlett: 0,955057639
Magnus: 0,785494636

none of these people truly have a huge Score / pr ratio (back in cb1 times some people would have enormous 3/1 ratios even while being in the top sometimes.)

AdminShade May 17 2005 6:56 PM EDT

a second listing now somewhere from 2nd page of highest PR:

Nightmare: Score / PR / MPR: / 315,852 / 197,919 / 134,880
Ultimate Team: Score / PR / MPR: / 230,623 / 197,679 / 139,848
Dragon Slayers: Score / PR / MPR: / 267,868 / 196,377 / 196,377
VehicularManslaughter: Score / PR / MPR: / 336,123 / 195,884 / 126,071
VBSpike: Score / PR / MPR: / 262,904 / 195,716 / 191,274
The End of Time: Score / PR / MPR: / 299,235 / 195,195 / 137,948
Neji: Score / PR / MPR: / 325,527 / 194,622 / 131,888
Kaiousama: Score / PR / MPR: / 289,937 / 194,499 / 151,871
Darkheart: Score / PR / MPR: / 285,900 / 193,988 / 136,026
golgotha: Score / PR / MPR: / 46,578 / 192,813 / 16,811

VehicularManslaughter: 1,715928815
Neji: 1,672611524
Nightmare: 1,595864975
The End of Time: 1,533005456
Kaiousama: 1,490686327
Darkheart: 1,473802503
Dragon Slayers: 1,364049761
VBSpike: 1,343293343
Ultimate Team: 1,16665402
golgotha: 0,241570848

Duke May 17 2005 9:31 PM EDT

I disagree with you shade just look at my Score/Pr

NSFY May 17 2005 9:36 PM EDT

ack I don't think you need more than 3 or 4 sig figs for that parameter and civilized countries use decimal points!

AdminG Beee May 18 2005 10:00 AM EDT

/me digs this post out from the depths of General Forums... Pg2.

I really think this is an idea worth progressing. I've heard nothing to dissuade me of that.

The formula for calculating the score:power ratio is perhaps too simplistic if merely dividing one by the other.
Given the evidence of the data Shade posted it looks like the lower PR characters have a better ratio but I'm sure a more realistic calculation can be used to give us a meaningful output.
Score / PR * 1.0 (for top 10 players)
Score / PR * 0.9 (for top 11-50 players)
Score / PR * 0.8 (for top 51-100 players)

...still very simplistic, but you get the idea.

Surely this is worth more discussion if for no other reason than to dismiss it once and for all. PR alone (almost) comes down to, who clicks most - wins. It's no coincidence that most of the top 10 "Battles as Challengers" are also in the top 10 for PR.
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