Unexpected bonus with the NW-PR link (in General)

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] June 6 2005 7:39 AM EDT

Well, I decided to fire a minion and sell all his armour.

My PR (and score) dropped a bit, but I expected this.

What I didn't expect, is now the top PR has been boosted by high NW, I've now dropped back into 8 BA every 10, instead of 7!


I'll never catch the top PR's, but maybe my score will continue to rise!

Xiaz on Hiatus June 6 2005 7:47 AM EDT

I'd rather have a lower BA refresh rate, I mean you get higher rewards.

AdminShade June 6 2005 8:48 AM EDT

whahahahahaha think again gentleman:

you fired a minion, and with it lost some experience (or minion pr)

with that you went from the 7/10 to 8/10...

not because of your NW or IPR (item pr)

AdminJonathan June 6 2005 8:54 AM EDT

maybe it's time to read FAQs -> BA, GL

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] June 6 2005 9:09 AM EDT

LOL! I feel a little embarrassed now... BA regen rate is based on PR not MPR or NW boosted PR isn't it...

Ahh... How people have grown above me...

AdminShade June 6 2005 9:13 AM EDT

"BA regen rate is based on PR not MPR or NW boosted PR isn't it... "

PR = NW boosted MPR so there is no NW boosted PR.

also it would be stupid imo to have it go by PR instead of MPR because it would make an imbalance in regards with the earlier way it got 'calculated'

however if it does go by PR then it is just new information for me also

QBRanger June 6 2005 9:34 AM EDT

As I understand the following are all based on MPR: forging ability, BA regeneration rate, BA cost to buy, and clan PR limits. The is done to prevent people from equipping and unequipping to abuse the rules. IE equip/rent massive NW items to forge better or unequip everything to get a cheaper rate when buying BA.
Hope this helps

QBBast [Hidden Agenda] June 6 2005 9:39 AM EDT

If the clan PR limit is actually a clan MPR limit, the admin stat showing our allowance should be changed to reflect that. If it is not an MPR limit, can we strip, add people and then get dressed again, if we want to blow through the cap?

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] June 6 2005 10:16 AM EDT

Sorry all I think I'm getting confused with the terminology...

PR = xp trained on your minions.

MPR = PR+Tattoos+NW.

Clan limits and forging/BA regeneration are all based on PR (No tat's, no items) aren't they?

QBBast [Hidden Agenda] June 6 2005 10:20 AM EDT

You are, indeed, confused.

MPR = Minion PR. That is trained XP on your minions.

PR = all things that add "power" to your team.


QBRanger June 6 2005 10:20 AM EDT

MPR is Minion PR, the PR determined by the xp trained on the minions
PR is Minion PR PLUS Item PR which includes Tattoos

Thats why MPR is always less than or equal to (in unequipped character) you PR.

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] June 6 2005 10:53 AM EDT


That's what I meant!! It's been a bad day...

MPR = xp trained on minions
PR= MPR + Tat's + Items

And clan limts and forging/BA regen is based on MPR isn't it?

AdminG Beee June 6 2005 11:02 AM EDT

Now you've got it ! :)

Duke June 6 2005 2:14 PM EDT

you almost got it


AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] June 6 2005 3:43 PM EDT


Of which NW = Tat's + Items... (Obviously not including the weapon exemption)

LumpBot June 6 2005 3:45 PM EDT

Weapons count, just not as much of what I understand. In fact Ranger is just starting to fall under tha weapon cap with his ELB.

bartjan June 6 2005 3:50 PM EDT

Tattoos are not treated special, they just count for their Net Worth.

Also, that list that ranger came up with, isn't it that for most of those actually the full XP is counted, so also untrained XP?

AdminShade June 6 2005 3:50 PM EDT

BA buying price and MPR allowance for clans even goes by experience rather than the real MPR.

also character transfer prices include untrained experience for the calculation.

(just thought to add this for a more precice answer)
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