Gyaxx hits 1MIL PR (in Off-topic)

wldflr June 14 2005 2:25 PM EDT

Sefton has brought gyaxx up to 1mil PR! Congrats, sweetheart:)

WeaponX June 14 2005 2:30 PM EDT

congrats... although PR really doesn't mean much its MPR that Sefton need to catch Ranger

QBRanger June 14 2005 2:30 PM EDT

Actually, should be:

Sefton has BOUGHT gyaxx to 1mil PR!. Ill forget the congrats sweetheart line.

But at least he has not used USD in doing so, just money he made via camping, which make the 1 million PR a true milestone.


QBJohnnywas June 14 2005 2:33 PM EDT

Ah, I remember Gyaxx when my character Raven was on his fightlist. Ah the good old days eh? Congratz!!!

[Jedi] Danludar June 14 2005 2:45 PM EDT

Go sefton congrats man

AdminShade June 14 2005 2:47 PM EDT

a camp well done ;)

wldflr June 14 2005 2:51 PM EDT

:) I didn't create this thread to point out that yes, Seft has camped many great things! He's an awesome camper! Just a small celebration of his PR.. gosh, be nice about it! Yes, MPB would be better, but we can point out his accomplishments on his PR as well!

Cylo June 14 2005 2:52 PM EDT

I'm kind of wondering why everyone seems so hateful about this accomplishment. If I am playing the same game everyone else is. Jon made it a point to add net worth into pr. Since that is the case then it doesn't matter how his net worth got there. It's the fact that he is the first to have passed 1 mil pr. Now I am sorry that most people in this post are upset that it wasn't them or maybe a bit jealous that they aren't as good at certain things like sefton is, but I really don't see the point of being rude about it. This was a congrats post. If you dont' want to congradulate him then just don't post. Simple as that

Back to the point of the thread.

Congrats Sefton. No matter what everyone else here says it's an awsome accomplishment.

Ps. As a side note. If you people don't like that pr is linked to net worth. Maybe you are playing the wrong game and should go back to playing CB1. Just a thought. Otherwise maybe you should change your thought process on CB2 because the way things are different you need to think about the game differently.

QBsutekh137 June 14 2005 2:55 PM EDT

Cylo, are we reading the same thread? I have not seen anyone really bashing the accomplishment, in fact, Ranger calls is a "milestone", and Shade a "camp well done." These are complimentary, as well as factual, observations.

Nice job, Sefton.

[Jedi] Danludar June 14 2005 2:57 PM EDT

I have something to add to cylo's post i mean he manages this adding 700k PR onto his MPR and to do that he balanced camping and fighting at a nice level doesn't this accomplishment deserve a huge congrats i mean 73mil NW 1mil PR 300somethingk MPR and some of the alrgest equipment in the game.

Congrats Sefton

[Banned]Monty June 14 2005 2:58 PM EDT

way to go big dog whoop whoop!!! :D
I'm not one for long posts >.>

Cylo June 14 2005 3:00 PM EDT

chet I guess we are reading different posts... the first post of PR doesn't really matter, MPR does. That's not a compliment. The comment from Ranger of Seft BOUGHT 1 mil pr. that's not really a compliment either.. So unless I'm totally ignorant and I don't think I am. My post was still a valid statement.

TheBlackHeart June 14 2005 3:01 PM EDT

congrats... although PR really doesn't mean much its MPR that Sefton need to catch Ranger

--MegamanV, 2:30 PM EDT

its posts like that, demeaning Sefts accomplishment that everybodys getting all upset about. Its a lil rude, and most people dont like people being rude to people they like. Just my two cents :)

That said, You go Seft!!! :D

[Jedi] Danludar June 14 2005 3:02 PM EDT

U know this is a congrats post not an argument post argue outside the post we dont need sefton see all this we should save room for more congrats

[Banned]Monty June 14 2005 3:03 PM EDT

cylo, I honestly think that was sarcasm from Ranger :) unless I am wrong.

Todd June 14 2005 3:03 PM EDT

Man, to be an uber camper and have an uber character. It's mind numbing to me what amount of time this would take.

Congrats on playing the game the best out of everyone.

WeaponX June 14 2005 3:08 PM EDT

my post was factual. PR is not a serious stat anymore. Score and MPR are what truly count now. if you think me saying that is offensive then i am sorry. Cylo you missed the part where i said congrats. 1 more thing i am the 1st one to congratulate Sefton when he camps a big time rare and i am shocked you would even say i am being mean or jealous.

QBRanger June 14 2005 3:10 PM EDT


Im not anywhere near jealous or upset Sefton got to 1 million PR.

1 million PR is a great accomplishment especially the way Sefton has done it. And with the NW/PR linkage camping DOES have a contribution to that milestone.

I dont think anyone in this thread, so far, is jealous of Sefton at all. Were just pointing out that, yes indeed, CB2 is different then CB1, and many factors now go into getting PR. Including using USD and camping.

In my first post I was referencing that now you spend cb2 to increase your PR so I used the word bought instead of the brought that wldflr used. A play on words, no sarcasm, just a nice joke for those who actually think.

Before you start attacking me, think a bit and read my post.

If I really, really wanted to break 1 million PR, I would have done it long ago.

And, also, Gyaxx broke 1 million PR a couple days ago for a short time.

TheBlackHeart June 14 2005 3:16 PM EDT

Weather or not it was intentional your posts were a little rude, thats why everybody is upset. I'll admit that maybe people are going a lil overboard with it. But you also need to see how your posts can be taken as a lil vindictive. Anyway, lets just drop it and get back to celebrating. :)

QBJohnnywas June 14 2005 3:17 PM EDT

Camping is a huge part of what enabled Sefton to create Gyaxx - and Sefton has said as much himself. But camping and great gear don't ensure you a place in the top 5 characters - and even if they do they don't guarantee you will stay there. Good strategy and hard playing do that.

wldflr June 14 2005 3:17 PM EDT

I am truly sorry I started this thread. I never meant to cause any sort of drama over such a silly thing. I am proud of Sefton. That was the only reason for the post. To praise him publicly on a game he has worked so very hard on. I do understand that the PR and NW link is a major factor. Everyone in my household knows about the PR & NW!! To anyone who was offended, I apologize.

Koala June 14 2005 3:21 PM EDT

congratz Sefton :^)

QBRanger June 14 2005 3:23 PM EDT


All of us are proud of Sefton. I do admire his skill in camping and fighting as great as he does.

I have not met or spoke to anyone who thought otherwise.

As I have stated many times, Sefton plays the game the best of anyone. He camps, buys, sells and fights the best of all worlds.

The fact he has done it before any of the USD spenders is a great accomplishment.

If I offended you with my post, im truely very sorry.

I was just trying to make a clever post, a play on words and now a monsoon started.

deathwake June 14 2005 3:24 PM EDT

Campers for life! Go Sefton!

[Banned]Monty June 14 2005 3:26 PM EDT

yeah, but Sefton is a *good*camper Hades ;p Lol j/k :)

deathwake June 14 2005 3:28 PM EDT

Oh be quiet Monty you know I could hold my own in the old days, I'm not sure about now though, I don't have the patience I used to.

Arorrr June 14 2005 3:31 PM EDT

WOOOT! Go Sefton. Just buy all BA that you can have and beat Ranger in his MPR game also...


wldflr June 14 2005 3:34 PM EDT

Ranger, no offense taken! Maybe next time instead of posting a thread for him.. I should do the wifely thing. Order him a cake ;)

Jason Bourne June 14 2005 5:46 PM EDT

/me bets sefton is reading this and laughing....

congratz sefton.

{CB1}Lukeyman June 14 2005 5:51 PM EDT

Go Sefton!! Woo!!!!

QBSefton [Black Cheetah Bazaar] June 14 2005 6:39 PM EDT

WOW, now I understand some chatmails I got, just saw this thread been one of those days at work. I'm still mad work made me miss a chance at the corn the store was trying to sell me. Twice in one day no less!

wldflr, thank you :) My lovely wife

To anyone and everyone else, so that everything is clear, I did not take offense in any way shape or form by anyone's post in this thread. I chuckled when I read Ranger's joke, and totally understood what Mega was saying and know both of them and count them as friends.

I do not want anyone who did stick up for me to feel bad though, I appreciate that too, because I know you were doing it from friendship. I think the root of all of this stems from the strong feelings I have and many have about the NW to PR link, and attribute any misunderstandings to that.

Again, thank you one and all for your congratulations, I do appreciate it! And please everyone, no harsh feelings on any or either side from this, please that would make me feel 400X worse than anything anyone could say for me reaching 1 mil PR.

Now I have to hustle up some PR or Blacksmith work, cause when this rented corn returns tomorrow, who knows if I will still be at 1mil PR :)

Blarg June 14 2005 6:56 PM EDT

whoot sefton!

Famous June 14 2005 7:39 PM EDT

Congratz Sefton i must have been away longer than i thought last time i was here u were like 800k PR

{CB3}-HR22 June 20 2005 3:29 PM EDT

Yay! Godlike!

Nice job Seft :)
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