BA purchase bug fixed (in Changelog)

AdminJonathan June 19 2005 5:23 PM EDT

Players receiving a new user bonus now have the BA purchase price adjusted accordingly.

WeaponX June 19 2005 5:26 PM EDT

maybe this will help to settle down the overly rapid noobie growth... happy fathers day jon

Duke June 19 2005 5:27 PM EDT

More information is need

AdminShade June 19 2005 6:34 PM EDT

in other words, new players having a new user bonus now also have an increased BA purchase price (i think) to make it still a choice for them to buy BA.

They now have the choice to buy BA if they value exp over money, and not to buy it when they value money over exp.

(at least that is what i think it is)

Undertow June 19 2005 6:43 PM EDT

I wonder if this was a "bug" or an oversight Jon never accounted for.

Karmic Mishap [Soup Ream] June 19 2005 7:03 PM EDT

What are you talking about? Haven't you even paying attention? Don't you know Jon's infallible?


That being said, I too, am glad to see this change. It's only a little disheartening to watch a n00b come out of nowhere and scream past you...

Unica June 19 2005 7:24 PM EDT

Couldn't buy BA due to a server error

Server Error
The requested URL cannot be accessed due to a system error on this server.
AOLserver/4.0.9b on

DrAcO5676 [The Knighthood III] June 19 2005 7:44 PM EDT

Sorry to say it but now that It costs me $379.2 to buy one BA I won't be able to participate in any sort of clan duties. This really does make it a bit awkward to maintain the clan points that I need to to stay active. I Really don't know what to do now.
Thanks for your time and Happy Fathers Day

WeaponX June 19 2005 8:12 PM EDT

noobs were never really meant to buy BA and make profit draco, nobody is and no noobie should be expected to get massive CP per day

Warchild June 19 2005 8:12 PM EDT

draco you will have to do the same thing that the rest of us do and decide if the money spent is worthwhile for the rewards (ie more clan points and more xp)

Welcome to the hard decisions of CB

[T]Vestax June 19 2005 9:13 PM EDT

DrAcO5676 >> I would not fret at all about what has happened to your BA expenses. Firstly you are not alone, there are plenty of new players with the NUB that will also be affected. I think this next week you will see decreased clan points across the board. (With an exception to those clans without any or with very few new players.) I think clan leaders should be understanding if new players find it hard this first week to balance thier BA expenses in order to meet the demands placed upon them. All in all it is better that every player gets use to handling this balance between earning money or earning xp. And if you think I am unable to understand this problem then I would have you know that I am now spending about $454 per BA and must meet a clan commitment of 800 clan points a day.

QBRanger June 19 2005 9:20 PM EDT


All members in my clan make over 3k points a day and none have the NUB. We all buy BA each day. Some of us do use USD but some do not. If you fight smart, lose as little as possible when attacking you can make money even buying BA.

AdminJonathan June 19 2005 10:52 PM EDT

fixed better for unica

smallpau1 - Go Blues [Lower My Fees] June 19 2005 11:28 PM EDT

i was buying BA everyday also, i do not have the NUB either, i was paying around $353 per BA, i hear it changed for us people without the NUB now, but i cant see it cuz i bought it all for today. But people with the NUB are making more money and Exp, so paying more for BA is just fair in my eyes.

Good change jon, Happy Fathers day also...=)

Unica June 19 2005 11:38 PM EDT


BrandonLP June 19 2005 11:49 PM EDT

Looks as if my BA cost just dropped by nearly half.

smallpau1 - Go Blues [Lower My Fees] June 19 2005 11:52 PM EDT

yea and i bought it all before it went down....sigh.

Forgot to mention, maybe for Father's day Jon grows a face to fill that user pic...=P

Blarg June 19 2005 11:53 PM EDT

Everyone i've talked to (me too) who doesn't have the NUB has dramatically decreased BA purchasing costs. Most of the time, they are below the rewards gotten from fighting. Why did adjusting the NUB BA purchasing prices change the users without it? This must be changed, because buying BA was never meant to be a way to gain money, it was meant to be a way to buy XP. Now, everyone without a NUB can get free money and free XP.

smallpau1 - Go Blues [Lower My Fees] June 19 2005 11:55 PM EDT

i also noticed...a couple days ago BA purchase was maxed at is now 503, when was this changed? Cuz i noticed this friday i think.

Maelstrom June 20 2005 12:04 AM EDT

smallpau1, welcome to 7 BA per 10 minutes. You can now buy less BA :)

And thanks for the tip on decreased buying costs! I'd be crazy not to, now! This has to be a mistake: $162 apiece?

smallpau1 - Go Blues [Lower My Fees] June 20 2005 12:07 AM EDT

thank you't know 7/10 BA regen caused that...=P

TheEverblacksky June 20 2005 12:22 AM EDT

WOAH my cost to buy BA went DOWN a lot like 100 dollars wait over that.

QBsutekh137 June 20 2005 12:38 AM EDT

For me:

You may purchase up to 400 BA for $177 apiece

I make more than $177 most battles. Something is not right. I had just been going through my farm characters, switched back to my big character, and that was the purchase price. Still buggy?

AdminJonathan June 20 2005 12:39 AM EDT

oops, forgot to carry the 2...


LumpBot June 20 2005 12:42 AM EDT

Bah, should of bought all the BA I could when it was cheap =P

reallystupididiot June 20 2005 2:01 AM EDT

It would cost 185, but no now it costs 401. Oh well, it is fair.

Dragon Slayer June 20 2005 2:42 AM EDT

aww man for awhile there i was purchasing BA for $90 each now its at $170

Aco June 20 2005 6:19 AM EDT

costs $274 a piece. It was the same as with my NUB (lost it yesterday) so I notice no change at all. Oh well, I've used my NUB time to scream past alot of you :P

Reebok June 20 2005 12:23 PM EDT

/me shakes a fist at Aco.

smallpau1 - Go Blues [Lower My Fees] June 20 2005 12:48 PM EDT

Ac0 - Created May 07, 2005

my char "/\quaTeenHungerForce" - Created March 11, 2005 (Given the fact my other chars were screw ups in my view)

And he was beating me for a while...i finally sneaked back past him somehow...=|

smallpau1 - Go Blues [Lower My Fees] June 20 2005 12:50 PM EDT

forgot to add.....

Aco - Challenged - 38,442

/\quaTeenHungerForce - Challenged - 100k


I was Dignifried Bean June 20 2005 2:58 PM EDT

you can please some of the people all of the time.
you can blah blah...
and you can stomp on newbies any time you want.

not a complaint, just a fact of gaming.
kudo's to jon, great game
so i will keep playing anyway ;)

Blarg June 20 2005 6:00 PM EDT

great Jon, thanks for fixing it more :).

Nameless evil June 20 2005 6:51 PM EDT

For me the price is about 100 cb2 higher than what I get from battle, buying BA is now more similar with buying EXP rather than earning money.

Blarg June 20 2005 7:30 PM EDT

adrian, thats the point of buying BA.

Undertow June 20 2005 7:38 PM EDT

That's part of the reason for buying ba, some people DO make a profit, but it's a little more rare.

TheEvolution June 20 2005 7:42 PM EDT

My BA purchase price hasn't changed. :(

Achertontus [Sneezels] June 23 2005 10:26 AM EDT

This NUB bonus isn't that much, i only got 150-250$ and 30-50 exp per figth, is that much? now the BA has raise from 240 to 450, is that normal? i cant do anything with that. I only purchased BA dure crazy money time, now thats gone too. So whats left of growth then???

[EG] Almuric June 23 2005 11:16 AM EDT

BA costs more to buy than you make per average fight. It has always been this way.

Let's assume you make $200 per fight and fight 1000 times a day. That means you make $200K per day and could buy 444 BA (at a price of $450) with it.

Everything is a trade-off. If you play a mage you don't have to buy much equipment and you can spend your money on BA. If you play a tank you've got to buy stuff and can't spend so much on BA.

You should just about break-even during wacky $ time. You may not make much money, but you shouldn't be down much if you spend all your bought BA during wacky money time. If you're way down, you may be fighting too low, which decreases your rewards.

Choices. It's all about choices.

Mikel June 26 2005 7:37 AM EDT

Ok, I just stumbled across this and thought that you might want to be aware of it, so it can be addressed.

With the NUB bonus, the BA costs have gone up now as they should've to $340/BA. But I have a non-NUB character that buys BA at a $166/BA.

AdminJonathan June 26 2005 9:28 AM EDT

fixed mikel's bug
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