Headline: "Newbie"cide on the rise (in General)

I was Dignifried Bean June 20 2005 9:07 PM EDT

CB2 is the best game I have come across in many years. It was newbie friendly; There was hope of me playing with the big boys in this decade.

CB2 is a great game, but the hope is gone and so am I .

Couldn't you have made this ruling BEFORE I paid to be a supporter ;)

Sincerely Nam (IRL Steve)

PS jon, dont take my rant personally, I think you do incredible stuff. Keep it up. I probably will return when I cool off.

{CB3}-HR22 June 20 2005 9:10 PM EDT

Good Bye.

-off the TV show the weakest link

QBRanger June 20 2005 9:16 PM EDT

Here is my point.

The noobs get so addicted to the NUB like its crack. When its gone, so will most of them. From the post by Nam, its seems that if they cannot get to the top, they will quit when the NUB runs out.

So basically the NUB has alienated the long term players while it has brought in new players just for the short term.

Let me give you a hint Nam, CB2 is a long term game. Months and months of playing. Dont expect to catch someone who has a 6 month head start so quickly. Just persistance is what you need to do. Don't rely on the NUB so much.

Carnt Spall June 20 2005 9:59 PM EDT

Yes, reminds me of a guy called war - I remember when I first started he was always talking about how he would be number 1 within a month etc. etc.

Then his NUB expired and he basically stopped playing, look at the history graph of "The Horde", no prizes for guessing when his newbie bonus ran out.

mastinox June 20 2005 10:09 PM EDT

What is a NUB?

Todd June 20 2005 10:15 PM EDT

New User Bonus

Undertow June 20 2005 10:26 PM EDT

And who are you? And why should I care?

Don't let the door hit ya where the good lord split ya.

Tezmac June 20 2005 10:29 PM EDT

"Dont expect to catch someone who has a 6 month head start so quickly."

Isnt this the exact opposite of what everyone was complaining about in the thread next door?

Maelstrom June 20 2005 10:32 PM EDT

lol, good point Tezmac ;)

I was Dignifried Bean June 20 2005 10:48 PM EDT

Good points QBranger

However, 608 straight victories! Isn't it boring for you? If I were you I would welcome some new targets. I am told you are the best strategist in the game. Some young upstart might get close, but you should be waiting with glee, not <insert emotion here>. Give the new kid a Ferrari and he will just crash harder.

In your death spawn example you are citing the cream of the newbie crop. Yet he didn't get there by NUB alone. Including his retired chars, he has 116,000 challenges to his credit and and his PR/Challenge ratio is just a little over 4/1.

QBranger, your chars have 244,000 challenges to your credit and your PR/Ch is also a little over 4/1.

He and a few other newbie elites may give the gods a good challenge, but no-one ever enters the coveted "inner circle" without an invitation. I respect everyones opinion, and enjoy this dialogue.

Sincerely, not dead yet!

QBsutekh137 June 20 2005 11:03 PM EDT

Nam, let me tell you the Tale of Sutekh.

Sutekh started CB1 in May of 2003. Sutekh was very stupid (many believe this to still be the case, but the tomes of legend grow foggy in this respect). All he knew how to do was click. And he kept clicking until December 2003. Oh, and he could whine...good Lord the boy had skills. Sutekh grew along with CB, whinging on about changes he would like to see, and changes that were being made allowed him to shift with the times and change his lame TTMM strategy into a more effective TMMM (then ETMM, then EETM) team. Before the change in question, folks could not unlearn HP, STR, or DEX (the so-called "intrinsics"), so poor Sutekh would have been stuck with his two tanks if CB was not the wonderful ever-changing playground that it was/is.

ANYWAY, Sutekh kept on clicking and pressing keys. At one point (before dreadful thieves stole his laptop!), the down-arrow key had its label worn off.

By 2004, Sutekh was still clicking, and playing around in the Top Ten. At last his character RedDwarf was able to overcome the "Top Dogs" that had been duking it out ever since he had started. Sutekh decided to get help from the greats: Peter, Myonax, and others. An extra enchanter here, more AS there, and finally a healthy dollop of Decay resulted in the unthinkable! That last Top Dog, Spid himself, succumbed to Rimmer's Mr. Flibble. RedDwarf was at the top in PR and Score!

The victory was short, but still sweet. Spid dusted himself off, kicked the snot out of RedDwarf, and went on into the annals that are now legend. Sutekh took RedDwarf and went down to sulk in the forge (or so legend says). He never picked up his sword again, and retired to the great halls of Gondor.

Sutekh never had a newbie bonus, unless you consider the sugar-coated crack that is CB to be a "bonus". But Sutekh _did_ eventually realize there is only one strategy that trumps ALL others -- longevity.

Keep clicking, Hoss.

TrueDevil [AAA] June 20 2005 11:43 PM EDT

Death Spawn (85589) , that's what I'm seeing here. Not sure where you get that 116 k challenge, but Death Spawn up to 400 K mpr is created by Evolution, not MegamanV.

Let's see 85 k challenge = 400 k mpr, and my character, 111 k challenge = 320 k mpr. (I'm not dumb enough to keep losing when challenging people, only about 2k loses). I can accept challenge from newbies, but don't you think from that statistic, it's ridiculous ?

TrueDevil [AAA] June 20 2005 11:51 PM EDT

oh and btw, please do not include retired characters, and blabla, my main character is the 2nd one, the first one that I sold was like 150 k mpr, it must have quite a lot of challenges too, so if you want to compare it, the nub bonus is still overkill. (or was ?)

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] June 21 2005 2:07 AM EDT

Ruling? '"Newbie"cide'? Nam, what changed?

Mikel June 21 2005 2:09 AM EDT

he's probably referring to the new increased costs of BA's. that is my only guess..

Jerk June 21 2005 2:17 AM EDT

well the increase in BA cost has indeed had a good affect on the game. I am even saying that as a recepient of the NUB. now after buying all the BA I am offered insted of making close to 70k profit it is probably only about 10k or so. So ya I agree with this change as to keep some fairness to the elders and at least keeping the economy somewhat more balanced.

TrueDevil [AAA] June 21 2005 2:45 AM EDT

hmm, when buying BA at normal times, you're not supposed to "make profit", usually you lose money for the trade of the experience you get. I still think the nub bonus need to be reduced.

Undertow June 21 2005 3:00 AM EDT

Yah, sorry you get what you were supposed to get all along maytag. /me waves goodbye.

Aco June 21 2005 3:35 AM EDT

my NUB ended just in time, avoiding all these changes, hehehehe

AdminShade June 21 2005 5:33 AM EDT

that change was a fix, not a nerf, people just tend to mix those 2 up...

QBRanger June 21 2005 6:10 AM EDT

yes, Nam.

I really would welcome the competition.

In fact Gyaxx can beat me occasionally, done right a couple of the high FB mages can. But thats not the point. I have played the 2nd most attacked battles and I should be where I am. No reason someone who starts 4 months later should be able to shoot his way up. Sometimes you have to put in the time and effort, no short cuts to get to the top. Thats the beef I have with the NUB.

In fact, I could be top dog for a long time if I would add a 4th minion and train him properly. But I will not for a while. If I did, ask Sefton, there would be no way he would beat me. And those mages, they would crumble under my weight.

But as Chet has pointed out, its persistance and dedication that gets you to the top. And Yes, I did spend USD in the beginning. But there are plenty who also have used USD that are doing nothing but treading water.
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