New supporter item (in Changelog)

AdminJonathan July 27 2005 5:18 PM EDT

The Rune of Enlightenment is a tattoo that transfers experience to its owner; specifically, roughly 2/3 of the xp a normal tattoo would earn.

This means the RoE does _not_ gain levels.

TheEvolution July 27 2005 5:18 PM EDT


Barron [CB2BANK Investors Club] July 27 2005 5:19 PM EDT

wow! cool idea and great addition.

Will [Retired] July 27 2005 5:19 PM EDT

wow, ace change. now we can balance our strats proper and stuff! ;D

AdminShade July 27 2005 5:21 PM EDT

Whoa! so this way you can enhance the experience a lesser minion has to make it better, koolies!

Barron [CB2BANK Investors Club] July 27 2005 5:21 PM EDT

Will the Tattoo Artist be able to ink it?

bartjan July 27 2005 5:22 PM EDT

I guess this item is for new supporters only?

SaintMichael July 27 2005 5:22 PM EDT

No, waaann! ='(

AdminJonathan July 27 2005 5:23 PM EDT

Available to current supporters on the usual terms ($6 paypal to

TA can't ink supporter items.

AdminShade July 27 2005 5:24 PM EDT

Will TA be able to change it into another tattoo or, since it is a rune, the TA can't do anything with it? (TJk can be inked to something else, thats why i ask)

Barron [CB2BANK Investors Club] July 27 2005 5:26 PM EDT

So...if you need to catch up to your oversized tattoo, slap one of these puppys on and get there faster!

AdminJonathan July 27 2005 5:27 PM EDT

yes, the Rune can be re-inked to something else (just not to a TJK)

AdminShade July 27 2005 5:28 PM EDT

Thanks for that explanation :)

TheEvolution July 27 2005 5:29 PM EDT

Hmm, so this tattoo is really like a character without a tattoo. So can you wear say a ToJ and this? Or is it one tattoo per character rule?

AdminQBVerifex [Serenity In Chaos] July 27 2005 5:30 PM EDT

It would seem to me that this is a tattoo like any other, just that this one doesn't do anything short of giving you more experience...

Maelstrom July 27 2005 5:31 PM EDT

Very cool idea Jon, I can't wait to try it out.

Is it Enlightenment or Enchantment? I think Enlightenment makes more sense: it grants you understanding, allowing you to learn faster.

So it can be re-inked, but doesn't gain levels?

Arorrr July 27 2005 5:32 PM EDT

I bet one per character rule. Though I doubt anyone will use it except that crazy guy who do single UC without a RoE. Now he will probably hire another minion if he wants to use this RoE.

Will [Retired] July 27 2005 5:32 PM EDT

and if you name this item? what happens?

Arorrr July 27 2005 5:33 PM EDT

Oh Jon! Please put RoE in spellchecker.

Barron [CB2BANK Investors Club] July 27 2005 5:37 PM EDT

Hmm...transferred experience to the owner. By owner, do you mean the minion that wears it or the whole character? In other words does it matter which minion is wearing it that gets the extra experience?

Barron [CB2BANK Investors Club] July 27 2005 5:43 PM EDT

Well after using it, it looks like it gives the minion that wears it extra experience. But still experimenting.

BrandonLP July 27 2005 5:47 PM EDT

That crazy UC guy has a name and I've already made a vow never to hire another minion, although I could definitely be a toplist contender with an extra minion after my time at IBM is up.

I am giving the tattoo a shot though. I'll use it until I grow to a point where I'm barely fighting above my PR, and then switch back to normal gear for awhile to see how the change has gone.

QBRanger July 27 2005 5:49 PM EDT

Now it will be very interesting to see how people can win battles using the Rune without the benefit of their tattoos.

BrandonLP July 27 2005 5:53 PM EDT

Shouldn't be too difficult for those who don't use tattoos. ;)

{CB1}Carp King July 27 2005 5:56 PM EDT

Yea another supporter item, that makes what 4 so far. I can't wait until this one gets nurfed like the rest.

Barron [CB2BANK Investors Club] July 27 2005 5:56 PM EDT

Minion 1 with RoE earns 4890 exp
Minion 2 earns 3424 exp

That translates to a 42.8% increase in exp earned by the minion with the RoE

Not bad.

[T]Vestax July 27 2005 6:14 PM EDT

Well, option one. You use a tattoo or full armor gear and fight better teams to get better rewards. or you wear the RoE and get less rewards with more xp given to one minion. If you get more total xp then your just doing the usual, which is trading cash for xp.

QBJohnnywas July 27 2005 6:20 PM EDT

Hey, a nice tattoo to wear during crazy times - even more extra xp during xp time and potentially more xp during crazy money time! Course that's if you don't want your main tattoo to level at those times.... almost makes it worthwhile to take the cheaper option when buying extra minions

Barron [CB2BANK Investors Club] July 27 2005 6:38 PM EDT

I would like to know if there is any experience gain if the RoE is named.

[FireBreathing]Chicken July 27 2005 9:06 PM EDT

Think of it more as a temporary tool than a permanent solution to you're failing strategy. Perfect supporter's item.

Kilobot571 July 27 2005 9:07 PM EDT

i cant wait for mine!

[T]Vestax July 27 2005 9:24 PM EDT

Can't wait to get my Rune of Enlightenment in the top ten. =P

TheEverblacksky July 27 2005 11:01 PM EDT

yes, what happens if you name it?

[Beo]AggroHippie July 28 2005 12:22 AM EDT

excuse the possible lack of intelligence of this next question, my brain is still recovering from the Sounds of the Underground concert, but does it give extra exp to single minions? thanks in advance :)

QBOddBird July 28 2005 12:35 AM EDT

Yup, gives it to the single minion owner.

AdminShade July 28 2005 5:41 AM EDT

why keep it lvl 20 anyway if it doesn't gain levels?

[T]Vestax July 28 2005 7:33 AM EDT

Maybe you could have the tattoo artist raise the level of the runes for money in exchange for some really minor gain, like having the skill level of the minion that wears it increase by 1/2 the level of the tat. So people could use the tat to boost evasion, blood lust, archery, or unarmed combat. Heck if that seems too advantageous then make it 1/4 level, but this could help make the NW of tattoos mean something. As it stands it would take about 5.5 million just to get to 300k in tat level, which at 1/2 added skill per level is only 150k and 75k for 1/4 tat level. Think of it as another way to draw money out of the market.

My alternative suggestion is you have the runes gain levels as well, but just don't have it mean anything.

[T]Vestax July 28 2005 7:37 AM EDT

Nevermind, inking the tattoo after raising it's level would make this a problem. Just forget I made any suggestions.

Xiaz on Hiatus July 28 2005 10:34 AM EDT

Is this a sign of a totally new set of items on CB?

A set a Runes maybe? hmmm...

Mikel July 28 2005 12:38 PM EDT

Why not have the tattoo cast FB while we are at.

The tattoo is just fine as it is. It give exp and that is something you can't get with other items in the game.

Barron [CB2BANK Investors Club] July 28 2005 1:08 PM EDT

ok, here's another idea for the Rune. Have it gain levels that translates to experience. But give the player the option to use the experience from the rune on any minion in the team or not even use it at all, but it's value raises of course with greater experience (levels) and it can be sold and traded.

So, as its used it gains value. The experience it accumulates can be used up whenever and however the owner wants.

Special J July 28 2005 1:12 PM EDT

Selling tattoo with xxxxx XP on it.

It is fine the way it is.

Kilobot571 July 28 2005 3:18 PM EDT

Im still waiting for my new item.......

Grim Reaper July 28 2005 10:50 PM EDT

Barron that means people would be leveling these tattoos and selling them just so people can level super fast, all players have to do is get ton of money and buy up all the tattoos they can get and use them to level their minions to insanity.

[T]Vestax July 28 2005 10:57 PM EDT

Mikel, like I said just nevermind. I agree that they are just fine as is. I wasn't looking for some fantastic bonus, just a way to have the tattoo gain levels so the point in having a top ten stat would be meaningful. And you couldn't have people spend the money on leveling up the tattoo without some gain or advantage. But like I said just forget about it.

someone[onabreak] July 29 2005 4:42 PM EDT

I love it :) My RoE minion gets nearly double what the others get. I have a 4-minion team.

Sukotto [lookingglas] July 29 2005 5:02 PM EDT

Would someone who has one of these describe what happens when you take it off? I imagine that any untrained experience stays on the tattoo but your minion doesn't lose any trained xp. (wow, what a coding nightmare it would be to track xp spending).

AdminG Beee July 29 2005 5:07 PM EDT

Jonathan, July 27 2005 5:18 PM EDT

"...This means the RoE does _not_ gain levels."

If you take it off and you stop getting the Exp boost.

Sukotto [lookingglas] July 29 2005 11:54 PM EDT

G Beee, I guess my question wasn't clear. What I want to know is "what happens to accumulated XP when you take the RoE off?"

I *expect* that any untrained xp stays with the RoE and any trained xp stays with the minion. I wanted someone who owns one to verify that.

BrandonLP July 29 2005 11:58 PM EDT

I believe the minion receives the exp when the battle ends, so there isn't any exp on the RoE, per se.

Zoglog[T] [big bucks] July 30 2005 8:19 AM EDT

The minion gets all the EXP, exactly why your EXP rewards seem higher in the battles with a RoE.
The RoE receives nothing, all untrained exp is still on the minions as EXP

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] July 31 2005 4:20 AM EDT

The RoE does not increase fight rewards (as shown at the end of battles).

It gives extra xp that is only shown in your minions xp total.

Victim August 5 2005 12:09 AM EDT

I suspect a Rune of Bling is going to appear, which increases the amount of cash you receive as a fight reward. Incidentally it comes in the form of a hood ornament on a gold chain around your minion's neck.

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