Black Market Vote (in General)

[T]Vestax August 1 2005 11:41 AM EDT

I just added the 47th vote to push an MCM into auctions. Maybe it's time we used our remaining votes to finally push that BoTH into auctions as well. It's just a suggestion though.

Chargerz-Back August 1 2005 12:39 PM EDT

Blade of Thuringwethil 44 150 70.7%

i just voted

[T]Vestax August 1 2005 2:40 PM EDT

20 votes since this post was made, seems like we can have this BoTH in no time.

Warchild August 1 2005 2:48 PM EDT

Blade of Thuringwethil 57 150 62.0%

figured I would add me bit to it :)

QBRanger August 1 2005 3:05 PM EDT

Now its up to 60.

AdminQBnovice [Cult of the Valaraukar] August 1 2005 7:29 PM EDT

Blade of Thuringwethil 75 150

Half Way!

Fantasysage August 1 2005 7:34 PM EDT

76 150 49.3%

just over the half way mark

sssimmo August 1 2005 10:54 PM EDT

82/150 45.3%

QBOddBird August 1 2005 11:52 PM EDT

83 150 44.7%

AdminQBnovice [Cult of the Valaraukar] August 2 2005 1:34 AM EDT

Blade of Thuringwethil 86 150 42.7%

Zephyr August 2 2005 3:09 AM EDT

Blade of Thuringwethil 89 150 40.7%

[T]Vestax August 2 2005 6:28 PM EDT

Blade of Thuringwethil 100 150 33.3%

Two thirds done and it seems like we stalled right there. I don't suppose there are 50 unaccounted votes left out there.

RareSumo [Lucid Dreams] August 3 2005 2:47 AM EDT

I put a vote into the BoTH.. Even though my vote will not have any type of effect to me, directly or indirectly, in any way, shape, or form.

[T]Vestax August 3 2005 11:12 AM EDT

Blade of Thuringwethil - 112/150 - 25.3%

The good news is that the rate of voting for this item correlates with when this post gets bumped. The bad news is that it seems people need to be educated as to how black market voting works.

It depresses me to see people waste votes on items that won't spawn before their vote expires. Votes are a limited commodity with a sell by date stamped on it. This means it is better to work together with people to vote for a particular item rather then to go off and vote for what you want. The sooner we spawn the BoTH the less votes it will take and therefore the more votes will be saved. I myself have yet to waste a vote, every item I have every voted on still had my vote valid when it spawned.

Raresumo, I won't ever get a BoTH myself, I'm not suggesting we vote for it so that I myself can possess one. The point is that more rares in general is better for everyone. If I wanted us to vote for something I wanted, I would have suggested a Corn instead.

[T]Vestax August 4 2005 9:21 PM EDT

Blade of Thuringwethil 122 150 18.7%

We peaked at 124.

Votes we will lose in the next 24 hours:
[-war-] at 10:19 PM
salt3d at 2:56 AM

Maelstrom August 10 2005 3:40 PM EDT

Only four more votes needed to spawn a Corn...

Shark August 10 2005 4:19 PM EDT

yes please spawn a Corn :)

QBRanger August 10 2005 4:29 PM EDT

1 more 4 a corn

AdminQBnovice [Cult of the Valaraukar] August 10 2005 5:10 PM EDT

what next? CoI? got a few but most votes will vanish...was there a pre defined next item?

Tezmac August 10 2005 5:11 PM EDT

I think we should bust out a few more corns, theyre still expensive as all get out.

Karmic Mishap [Soup Ream] August 10 2005 6:06 PM EDT

Shade supposedly has a pre-defined list for the voting guide... I'm not really so sure about that.

The CoI does look like a viable next spawn, though... and they're almost as in demand as Corns. We should go for it!

Reebok August 10 2005 6:08 PM EDT

I like CoI's and corns getting spawned. I'll be happy with either.

Stephen Young August 11 2005 4:27 AM EDT

Looks like CoI is starting to get votes faster than the Corn. I voted CoI.
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