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Reebok August 16 2005 9:39 AM EDT

Your favorite CB moment?

For me it's when I add a new person to my favorites list. That probably gives me the most sense of accomplishment out of anything in CB.

Admin{CB1}Slayer333 [SHIELD] August 16 2005 9:40 AM EDT

reading the old funny threads on Cb1 : )

QBJohnnywas August 16 2005 9:42 AM EDT

I like those moments when people who were farming you suddenly start to draw or better lose against you....nice!

QBRanger August 16 2005 9:43 AM EDT

I agree with Reebok.

When you finally are able to defeat someone who used to farm you.

No contest at least from someone who is a fighter. Im sure campers and forgers have different ideals.

WeaponX August 16 2005 9:50 AM EDT

my favorite cb moment was when i landed that MH awhile back from the store. i also enjoy the 1st change of every change month.

QBJohnnywas August 16 2005 9:50 AM EDT

Alternatively my worst CB moment is that horrible realisation that your strat change was a huge mistake and actually your old strat worked SO much better....

AdminShade August 16 2005 10:09 AM EDT

then i would have favorite cb moments all day long ;P

QBSefton [Black Cheetah Bazaar] August 16 2005 10:28 AM EDT

my favorite moment so far was when I got my tattoo insta'd and I was the #1 guy on CB for a little while (until Ranger trained a bunch of untrained exp and crushed me once again)

I have a screen shot of it as my user pic :)

Sukotto [lookingglas] August 16 2005 10:35 AM EDT

To crush your enemies
To see them driven before you
And hear the lamentation of the women.

QBJohnnywas August 16 2005 10:36 AM EDT

lol Sukotto


[EG] Almuric August 16 2005 10:54 AM EDT

On CB1, I was about 7th or so overall. Tezmac loaned me his big Elbow and I was able to beat Spid. For about 5 glorious minutes, I was #1.

Then Todd came on and switched his tank to the back and I lost to him again.

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] August 16 2005 1:16 PM EDT

Crom, I have never prayed to you before. I've not the tongue for it...

Undertow August 16 2005 1:17 PM EDT

I, honestly, love to see Jon shake things up. When I view a changelog post without replies yet, and I can hear people pulling out their hair already. Makes me giggle.

spydah August 16 2005 5:12 PM EDT

Ahh, favorite moments:

Enter key to Fight
Finger of Death going away!
Winning CB1 :)
Meeting various people whom I still chat with today, here or not


January Rescale, w00t :p
Finger of Death/Decay
Battle Allocation
Spellcheck, bah!
Not as much time for CB2 :(


AdminShade August 16 2005 5:16 PM EDT


but indeed change logs are always nice :)
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